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Best Alternates for MISS FORTUNE!

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Junior Member


Hey guys,

I needed help in finding an appropriate alternate for "Miss Fortune" with whom i generally play, but sometimes someone selects your champion before you could,
in those times you need another champion.

So i need your help in finding the best replacement of Miss Fortune.
The champion you suggest should be "Ranged". And have at least 1 sky attack which hits certain circled area, like Miss fortunes. PS- The champion should be powerful. :P

Thank you guys

Replies would be really appreciated.

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VGN Hype

Senior Member


Have you tried Varus? His Q Hits more than one target, So you could hit 2 people like MF's Q. His blighted Quiver adds some DoT's and other abilitys used after AA's (auto attacks) trigger certain effects. His E i think is just like MFs slow, He fires a volley of arrows into the air in a circle and does damage and slows Enemies in it. His Ulti is diffrent though. Its a skill shot that snares the first target, and if the other enemy champs are around like say in a team fight you snare one, it spreads to the closest champs after the first one hit. GL