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Items for Riven for Season 3?

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The new items look amazing for season 3, esspecially for this champion.

What are you fellow riven players theory crafting for season 3?

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I'm thinking of rushing Hydra instead of Bloodthirster for midgame team fight presence due to the accelerated meta, where blitzing enemy towers and using the momentum to snowball is the preferred strategy.

The new Black cleaver + Last whisper seems nice in theory but I'm worried that it would leave Riven too squishy as a melee fighter/bruiser/assassin.

Mecurial scimitar looks nice to counter CC heavy dive teams, but is there enough room to fit that in a Riven build? Assuming the game won't last long enough to fill a full build.

Sightstone seems interesting but sets Riven's build too far back to me. 1 ward should last long enough for top lane, I'm actually curious what do other Riven players think? Does she need more than 1 ward for laning?

Flask is not worth it on Riven, the red HP pots are more cost efficient.

Long sword seems like it'll replace doran's blade as the go to basic item. The hp from dorans is nice but the main draw was the lifesteal which stacks with vamp scepter. Without the lifesteal longsword offers equal AD but can build into some useful items.

Guardian angel is still core on Riven. The revive is just too useful, especially with a competent team. It still gives mixed resistances which is amazing coupled with valor.

Hexdrinker/MaW is still viable but is less attractive than it used to be with the new magic resist options for bruisers. Still a big middle finger to Karthus though.

Aegis is unfortunately not as viable on Riven as it used to be with the removal of the AD aura (I loved that item on Riven). The support or jungler is better suited to build Bulwark unless the enemy team is entirely AP.

The *new* Black cleaver looks amazing on Riven. Boosts her teamfight presence through the roof when combined with Hydra. A full AD team might be a possibility with Riven's aoe armor shred and ADC AA with Last whisper.

Randuin's omen is still good on Riven, but I am finding a hard item to place on a 6 item build. Maybe sell GA for this when it's used up? The passive is more consistent so that's a plus.

Even though it isn't listed in the changes, I hope Spirit Visage will make a comeback with some buffs. In theory it should be amazing on Riven but is held back by its cost. Her only skillgate is the cooldowns on her skills. With the removal of cooldown reduction in the defense tree masteries ( I will miss that T.T ) items that offer cooldown reduction will become very important to Riven. The boost in healing power for both BT and Hydra plus the cooldown reduction on Riven's shield plus a boost to her passive uptime (stronger heals) means that Riven is more durable than ever before even with global resistance nerfs.

TL;DR, Riven will be awesome in season 3

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Hahah, honestly I think sightstone is more of a support only item.
Riven's got amazing mobility with her spells, with one ward, you cancel out the worse ganks the jungler can throw at you, and any other angle ganks, you can bunny hop to freedom.

I really like to play CDR mobility riven.
I've always gone brutalizer first, then boots of mobility.
Build that into BT, and GA. Then Phantom dancer for the +speed and synergy with my passive since I want to nuke fast instead of nuking hard.

Being able to use your CD rotations twice over before the enemy even gets theirs back is a godsend.
So much harrass and mobility gained from it. Not to mention late game, you can dive in, kill something fast, and dive out just as quick. Like an assassin character.

I didn't like that brutalizer was a dead end though.
Now I hear it builds into the black cleaver, so finally I've got that covered. Stoked!

The problem with Boots of lucidity, is that they don't offer anything else then CDR. And I could really use tenasity.
The new Zephyr gives you that, +damage, +CDR reduction, AND +speed. It fills the exact hole I was hoping to fill up. No longer will have to get a phantom dancer, which I thought was a little wasted.
No more having to buy ability elixirs to max CDR.

Hydra might be my go to item instead of BT.
While I love that BT can go all the way to 100 Attack damage, it's also gimiky that in if you die, you're set back.
Hydra offers a good amount of attack damage, while being reliable too.
And it just synergies well with riven's AoE damage too. Would make it a beast for team fights, but not as good in 1v1's.
The assist in farming minions might make up for it however. Esspecially if you engage vs an enemy champion 1v1, with their enemy minions around. Lifesteal all of that farm, and gives you sustain vs that champion.

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Alright, after playing around with the items a bit I can give a first impression of the items.

Hydra is balanced on Riven at least. I was shocked to see how much it cost to build a tiamat, but the Hydra is extremely powerful on Riven. The active is the main draw of the item, provides an extra nuke to Riven's massive AD skillset every 10 seconds. It gels really well with the rhythm of combat. The splash damage, while neat, is very small. Unless you have someone who can force the enemy to group together in a large cluster, Hydra won't deal much damage to more than 2-3 champion targets. That said I don't think it will replace BT as Riven's core. The loss of dueling power is a heavy hit.

The *new* black cleaver is as awesome as it seems on paper to Riven. But it still is not an item to rush. Brutalizer is very efficient at what it does and BT/GA still takes priority. The black cleaver does gel really well with Hydra, but the combo is very expensive. I would also not recommend getting a Last whisper with black cleaver unless you have someone who can initiate hard into the enemy. The loss of tanky stats really hurts when your opponent begins to buy their major damage items.

I was surprised to see GA no longer has a cloth armor component. This really puts a damper on cloth+5pots start. It means that killing enemy jungle for lvl 2 burst is much harder or at least less efficient than before, since cloth armor only really builds into Aegis and Ninja tabi. As a side note, you really have to rely on your team to save you when GA pops. The 30% hp revive is just not enough for Riven to run from if her opponent is of equal skill or not a tank/support. This may or may not make GA not mandatory in solo que where GA revive is mostly wasted.

Speaking of ninja tabi, tabi+doran shield makes top lane an immoveable wall. Those 2 items offers so much bulk against AD it seems unreal. Its the perfect counter to Riven and other AD based champions. Obviously it won't help against Rumble or Swain, but in the top lane Riven is fighting against time to suppress the enemy laner before they get these items.

Mecurial scimitar costs an ungoldly amount of gold, so it's a late game protection item. This restricts the use of QSS mid game as strictly a defensive tool. While good Riven typically doesn't need it unless you are fighting a fed Skarner/Malzahar/Warwick.

Spirit visage did receive buffs. But after using it, I find it hard to justify it over something like Omen (vs AD) or Bulwark (vs AP). The lifesteal boost is nice, but lifesteal is not enough to stop an ap/ad carry from nuking you on the spot. Resistances seem to trump lifesteal to a certain extent, and the cooldown reduction while nice can be easily traded for extra bulk.

Last whisper goes under situational items, like always. It shouldn't be paired with black cleaver, but for different reasons than the penetration formula which favors getting both flat and % armor pen. The fact is that Riven only has 6 item slots. BT, Hydra, and Boots take up half of the item slots already for movement and pure offense/sustain. The last 3 slots have to be balanced carefully since Riven is melee. It is very hard to justify getting both BC and LW, 2 item slots for armor shred/reduction. BC is more about team fighting where you can trust your team to initiate when you do and take advantage of the armor shred. Great for a ranked team or one with voice communication. LW is more about dueling and carrying solo que where relying on team mates can backfire.

Boots are typically the same, mercs or tabi. But I noticed that I was holding off on getting them for a while. Both because the move speed is hardly noticeable on boots 1, but also because the overall gold gain is slower in lane. I find that the game is slightly slower paced which leads to me expecting items at certain times when I don't have the gold for it. This will take a while to get used to.

Aside from items, what masteries are summoners running for Riven? I am testing out a 9-21-0 build. Cooldown, AD, and Armor pen on offense. Resists, HP, CC reduction, HP regen, and reduced monster damage (so I can counter jungle even as top lane Riven). It makes me sad that the CDR mastery in the utility tree is so deep. Is the utility tree viable for Riven before the CDR mastery?

I tried lvl 1 counter jungling as top lane Riven with cloth+5pots and starting Q at lvl 1, but the mobs hurt like hell. Anyone have tips to effectively clear small camps with minimal hp loss? Anyone try with doran blade? Long sword+2pots?

TL;DR- Riven is actually balanced item wise right now. Nothing op (unless you feed her) or up (which is more about player skill being up).

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OMG Turtle

Senior Member


Currently trying a level 1 counter jungle on Riven in a bot game as we speak. I believe it could work IF and only if you go cloth. Doran's would set you too low in lane and long-sword leaves you one health pot which anyone going cloth+5 could abuse.

As for build:

Start longsword+2, dorans or cloth+5. No need for boots til mid game honestly.
Go double dorans or dorans + elixir/boots on back.
Rush brutalizer + vamp scepter.
Build Black cleaver or blood thirster if you have enough.
GA after both them.
T2 boots after GA.
Depends how game is going, as said above, Omen/Bulwark are useful. Hexdrinker into Maw is always an option. Last whisper could be built now, or even before GA if you're going well enough.
Hydra is good too.
Scimitar would only be viable super late game, costs so much otherwise.
Honestly, she doesn't change much except Brutalizer rush is pretty much standard now.

I screwed up my jungle steal (didn't get 3 stacks of passive before starting camp) but ended up on 460/510 or something health and go to lane at 2:12, missing 1 minion but got the XP. Used to get to lane full hp and at 2:10, so not a whole lot of difference. Double golems would be a complete no-no though. So realistically, wraith steal is fine, full wraiths camps also fine.