Various menu glitches that ruin the game

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It seems that every time I start a match, my entire menu becomes a broken captured image of the field and I can't even see the mini-map.A working resolve is to exit out after I've connected and reconnect. UNFORTUNATELY that ruins the first 2 minutes of the game(also one of the most important) in which jungle is supposed to be set up and the lanes are guarded. Is there anyway to fix this?

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You could just run a "Repair", It's the simplest solution to most problems but takes a few hours.

At the launcher screen before you hit the "big orange Play" button there is a "Cog" at the top right of the launcher click that and in the options it should say "Repair", It'll say something like "This take several hours are you sure you want to continue?" Just hit "Yes" wait and then play.

If this doesn't work then sorry for wasting your time.