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Champion Concept 11:Atnas, the Giver of the North

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Atnas was once just a legendary entity, hailing from the far North, an entity made to satisfy children's whims, an entity made to pray for for wishes. But that was not true, Atnas, as old as the start of Valoran, took active part in the goings of Valoran. All miracles, happiness, generosity, and wishes are said to be stemmed off of Atnas. But when Atnas witnessed an overwhelming amount of despair, suffering, and anguish, he could stand it no longer. No longer were the wishes of people teeming, no longer was happiness flourishing, no longer was peace reigning. Atnas longed to become materialized in physical form to help all in need, and his wish was granted. Ionian Elder mages summoned Atnas in the midst of their suffering to bring about peace. Atnas was granted a physical body, both human and spiritual in form. Donning this new body, Atnas completely vanished from the Elders' sights. The Elders' gave up hope for summoning Atnas and tried their hardest to heal all the sick and wounded from war. But hope, beautiful and radiant, cold and glistening, came in the form of a man, spiritual and material, who healed all with his touch and gave happiness with his aura. But this was not enough, Atnas could still sense endless agony through Ionia, in Noxus, Demacia, in every corner of Valoran. Atnas decided he would have to take action, lethal action. Traveling to Pitlover City, he equipped himself with a festive mechanic sack, which could adjust its size and had its very own factory inside it. Atnas willed it to life and together they set about helping everyone everywhere. And thus the Runic Wars were ended, because of Atnas, though noone could identify him. After the Runic Wars, Atnas was not seen again. But at the advent of the League of Legends and increased discord, Atnas once again reappeared, asking to serve the League for Peace.
-"I have seen civilizations go and pass, life be born and razed, but happiness, miracles, and life must pervade for the order of Valoran."

Special things(quotes, etc.)
To be added

Atnas uses a special resource system called Count Ye Blessings.
For every spell cast, Atnas gains one charge of this, having a max of 3 stacks, when reaching 3 stacks, Atnas's next spell will have bonus affects. Once a bonus effect spell has been used, the same spell used will have its cooldown reduced by 2 seconds.

HP: 425(+9)
ARMOR: 22(+.8)
MS: 300

Giver's Energy
Whenever Atnas helps an ally, he gains an aura that constantly heals allies around him by 5% of his AP. additionally, Atnas also gains a special auto attack( Like Zigg's passive) every 3rd spell cast, called Frozen Judgement. This auto attack deals extra magic damage equal to 10/20/30% of the amount of damage the enemy has inflicted over the past 3 seconds.

Q: Present Bomb
Cooldown: 15/13/11/9/7 for one charge, a maximum of 3 charges.
Atnas throws a present at a location, which detonates when Atnas casts this spell againt, if he does not, the present automatically explodes after 2 seconds. This present will heal allies by 5/10/15/20/25% of Atnas's AP and deals 45/55/65/75/85 damage(+.5AP). After this present explodes, healing fragments litter the ground, with a total of 1/2/3/4/5 fragments, each fragment heals an ally by 2/4/6/8/10% of their current health, with the effect being halved for each fragment consumed by an ally consecutively.
Also, each time this skill is used, the sack with which Atnas throws these presents will increase in size and productivity, lowering the cooldown of creating a charge by 1 second.
Bonus effect: Atnas's presents area will be dramatically increased and will freeze enemies on detonation for .5/1/1.5/2/2.5 seconds.

W: Frozen Land of Miracles
Cooldown: 16/14/12/10/8
Atnas uses his magic of life and death to create an area with 250/300/350/400/450 radius that will constantly heal allies by 2/3/5/6/7% of the damage they take, when an enemy is in this area, he will feel his sins overpowering him in the form of spectral cold which lowers his attack speed by 3/6/9/12/15% and magic resist by 4/8/12/16/20. This area lasts for 2/3/4/5/6 seconds.
Bonus effect: This land will erupt with judgement after the duration, dealing the amount healed inside it in magic damage to any enemy still present inside. Additionally, after the area erupts, powdery life-giving snow floats around from the remains of this area, giving allies an effect called Northern Life, which gives them an increased 4/8/12/16/20 armor as long as they stay in this area.

E: Special Delivery
Atnas uses his flying (insert elf-like creature) to transport a special present to an ally ANYWHERE on the map. This present will at
Rank 1: Hextech Life Saver Heal the ally for 10% of Atnas's AP
Rank 2: Destructo Sleigh Team Summon 2 reindeer at the ally's location, which each heal the ally by 5% of Atnas's AP and automatically attack the champion the ally attacks and moves with the affected champion. These reindeer have 375 movement speed and deal 3* of the enemies max HP in physical damage and have .888 attack speed. These reindeers last 15 seconds and cannot be killed.
Rank 3: Generous Hail
Buffets your ally with a hail cloud composed of lifeforce, healing them by 2% of their max health per second, with the hail cloud lasting 8 seconds. Additionally, enemies caught in this hail cloud will just be hit with normal, cold, hail because they are naughty, dealing 5% of the ally's attack damage in magic damage.
Rank 4: Bots of Life-Force
Summons 4 War-Raze machines that emit cell-regenertion fields that heal all units(except enemies) by 1% of their max health per second. These war-raze machines shoot burning presents that explode on impact, dealing 5% of the ally's damage. These machines each have 250 health and last 20 seconds with a movement speed of 350 and attack speed of 1.000
Rank 5: Winter Armada
Summons one Giga Winter Present Draco, which is a semi-large dragon robot that follows the affected ally around. This Draco has a 15% chance to block any instance of damage that the ally takes. Also, this Draco shoots balls of condenced ice, which has a base power equal to 20% of the ally's AD and slows enemies by 5%. This Draco cannot be targeted. This draco has a 1.555 attack speed and lasts 15 seconds.
Empowered Effect: All pets summoned from this skill will deal 10% more damage and all healing done by this skill will be amplified by 2% of Atnas's AP.

R: Generousageddon
Atnas enlarges his sack manifold, and throws it at a location, the sack, on impact, will release in random areas in a 750 AOE area,
Rank 1: 3 Present Bombs and 2 special delivery presents( Depending on which rank, different effects)
Rank 2: 4 Present bombs and 2 special delivery presents with a frozen land of miracles are applied, if Atnas uses an additional Frozen Land of Miracles on the area, the effect will stack.
Rank 3: 4 present bombs and 3 special delivery presents with Frozen Land of Miracles
Bonus effect: Everything summoned from this skill will be empowered.