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Casual player <

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Hey, I play a lot and seem to have a decent win ratio%.

I play blind pick 5v5 summoners rift and am just getting kinda tired of playing with AFK people and feeders, So I thought I would post here and maybe find some people to play with who are semi-casual / soft-core (non pro, non-suck?) lol.

Top Picks:
Wildfire Zyra AP Mid.
Lord Darius Top Bruiser.
Janna Bot Support.
Unchained Alistar Bot Support / Tanky after laning.
Varus ADC.

And many other champions (around 40)

I'm not pro, but I'm not noob. With over 50% win I would like to make that 75%+ with friends who don't feed or go AFK.

If there is a 'casual team' I would love to be a part of it, I'm online 5 days a week, about 4-6 hours a day. I have TeamSpeak and Ventrillo, and don't mind just talking in game-chat.

Add me and invite me to your next 5v5 blind pick, would love to do some pre-mades and dominate the competition!

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Kitty Pleaser

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PainTrain, a well known force in Guild Wars 2 is branching out into becoming a multi-gaming community.
We are a competitive, organized and democratic based PvX guild made up of veteran gamers located throughout the United States and Canada. Our staff group is primarily over the age of 25 with an average of eight years gaming and P.C. experience each. Consisting of everything from retired professional gaming CAL-I / WSVG champions to gaming mod and application developers. Our guild is skilled, seasoned, fun to game with and be around. We invite you to check out our communications to get to know us a little better. Most of the time we can be found on our Teamspeak server. If you’d like to join us, please do so.

We are looking to recruit casual players (5 hours minimum play time per week) to bolster our community.
We are also looking to recruit competitive players and teams with the possibility of sponsorships for said players and teams.

- Be respectful. Both in game, and out.
- Use our TeamSpeak 3 server when you play (you can invite guests to join if need be).
- 18 and up only
- (competitive only) Once/if you become sponsored, you need to be willing to schedule and follow through with flying to a location to participate in your tournaments. We will give you at least a 30 days notice. All expenses paid.

To inquire more about our recruiting process, please visit the following thread: