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Putting together a team to destroy the "meta"

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We have 3 members and can use two more. We have a support, a mid, and a top and could use a jungler and carry. Now obviously we have no intention of following the current meta, we are fed up with it. So our support, mid, top, jungler, and adc will not be playing the traditionally defined roles.

We have completely serious intentions with this. This is NOT a troll team. We just believe there are better ways to position the lanes and compose the team comp instead of the current standards.

We have legit team comps and strategies in mind, we just need 2 more players to complete our team.

If you are interested, add me: JacksonSolo (na server)

We plan on practicing a bunch during the preseason and launching strong at the start of season 3.

Members must be mature, and keep the chat/voice chat clean and be available regularly in the evenings (est time). Were a casual team but need serious members. Looking for players >30 with your runes and champ pool all set up.

This post might seem a little rigid but were actually pretty easy going and relaxed lol.