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Breylin the SkinWalker

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Name: Breylin (I'm also considering the name Mya)
ps: I'm going to be reserving this post and updating in the near future with more information on this idea I just had. Keep posted!

Character concept: A woman amongst wolves

Consider this: a champion is accompanied by two white wolves that she can control to farm minions, scout out the map and attack / take damage for her from enemies. Part of the skill in playing this champion will be knowing when to send your wolves out to scout (which makes you much more vulnerable) and when to use them for farming / attacking. This allows Breylin to fill multiple roles depending on how one plays her. The wolves can be targeted and killed, and if with Breylin, will sacrifice their lives for her safety. (All damage dealt to Breylin will first be applied to the wolves). One thing I'm thinking about that would be cool was if an ally needed help in lane, Breylin could send her wolves to help the ally without risking her own life.

Lore: Abandoned in the artics at a young age, Breylin survived only by using the most basic instinct: adaptation. Life in the wilderness was brutal; she often went days without eating and without warmth of a shelter. As she curled up in a ball in the snow to die, a pack of wolves warily approached her. She closed her eyes and knew that this would be the end - she started whimpering. To her surprise, the next thing she felt was not the cold pain of death, but a wet tongue on her cheek. When she opened her eyes, a wolf was staring down at her. The next few weeks provided a tense kinship; the wolves did not fully trust her, but she was studying them and mimicking their actions. They taught her to survive in the barrens; they taught her to hunt, and more importantly, to kill.

Damage: 50 (3.8 per level)
Health: 400 (+100 per level)
Movement Speed: 320
Armor: 10 (+6 per level)
Spell Block: 25 (+1.25 per level)
Health Regen: 10 (+.5 per level)

Resource: Fury

Passive: Leader of the Pack
When both wolves (or two or more allies) are in range of Breylin, she gains increased movement speed and attack damage.

Q: Eviscerate
Breylin deals AD to the target. If accompanied by her wolven allies, they lunge for the target's throat and cause a bleed effect.
One with the Wolves: Executes the target if under a certain amount of health (Similiar to Garen)

W: Howl
Summons two wolven allies at Breylin's side - can be used in situations where both wolves are dead, one is dead and the other is dying, or Breylin is under attack and her wolves were out scouting.

One with the Wolves: When Breylin howls, her wolven companions temporarily shield the most wounded ally near Breylin.

E: Prowl
Breylin and her allies are temporarily stealthed while they silently stalk their prey - this grants bonus movement speed.

One with the Wolves: When moving towards enemy champions, Breylin also gains the ability to lunge towards the enemy from a distance, pouncing them and pinning them to the ground (stun)

R: One with the Wolves
Breylin transforms into a large spectral wolf - granting her other abilities extra effects.

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Edit: Added more detailed character concept, added passive and skill names / details. Very rough outlines of ideas - subject to change. Character concept art to come soon.

Feedback would be appreciated!

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Edit: Added some lore and base stats - resource will be fury similar to Shyvana.

Still wondering how to set up a system where she can control the wolves and move them independently of herself.

A few pieces of artwork have been drawn and will be uploaded soon. Mostly char concepts of a 'human' form and then wolven features. Inspired by pictures on Deviant art which will be credited.

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Myth of Demons



I'd make her work like Renekton, with fury itself modifying the abilities, and turn her ult into a targeting skill for the wolves (low cd, maybe marks or lowers armor?). Make the skills cast from both her and the wolves, similarly to Zed and Lulu work. That's just my two cents though.

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Senior Member


This an odd concept but I like it.
But before I get to the review let me address a few questions I have.
1) How would you control the wolves?
2) Why is your health so low for melee champ. It is only 1200 at level 18.

Heath- Too low for melee champ.
AD- Also seems a bit low.
If you run off of fury, you have no mana.......
The rest are fine.

Q- Cool skill, but I need numbers too do an effective review, but It seems it would work depending on numbers.

W-Is their any effect if she already has two wolves near her? If so what.

E- This is quite OP with out numbers. In a team fight you could stealth your entire team and they can no longer attack you. GG with that skill at level 18 when you are pushing lanes or once yiu get this skill for that matter.

R- Cool skill, but since it doesn't do anything else other then make you into a wolf it is a quite useless skill.

Overall- needs some work, but great idea.

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Senior Member


Not bad, I like the theme of the "wolf pack" but I have some issues, namely fury. I'm not really seeing how Fury really fits into her skillset. I'm assuming that her fury is built up until she can transform, similar to shyvana. What's missing though is that pure offensive skillset. Breylin has one reliable damage ability in her Q with W and E serving as more utility than anything else.

The wolf companions themselves seem a little odd as well and that my be from the skill description. Are they always with her as a base champ mechanic or are they more similar to other pets we see in LoL? They just don't seem to really gel outside of her wolf form. A bit of extra damage, maybe, but using her Q for example, they're seeming like glorified stat sticks.

Overall, I think the champ either needs more fleshing out or a complete move from the fury system. Someone mentioned earlier using Fury more similar to Renekton's. I would say you're better off going a more Elise route considering her abilities are wildly different in wolf form rather than just being an empowered version.