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Feilig, The Coward

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Mindworm Jim

Senior Member


- Melee, Support -

Not all children of Demacia are born with honor and glory in their hearts...

Feilig Buvelle is a kind and gentle soul. Violence of any kind causes him great distress and he has always been uncomfortable with the rather zealous views of his father, the Lord of House Buvelle. Unfortunately for him, Lord Buvelle is a military man, and he will have a military son. Feilig was trained to be a military officer in Demacia's army from a young age, and he graduated with honors in tactics and strategy. However, he always did poorly during combat drills. Although skilled, he would hesitate before delivering the final blow, a fatal mistake in battle.

When finally confronted with Noxus troops during a patrol, Feilig's weak courage failed him and he abandoned the troops under his command. Without his leadership many of them were slain. Overwhelmed with grief and shame Feilig resigned from his military post and hid himself in his family's estate. His father raged at him, and when Lestara introduced Sona to the League, Lord Buvelle tried to get his son admitted as well in an attempt to undo the damage to his reputation Feilig had caused. Feilig refused and continued to hide away from public eyes.

Eventually, after months of forceful prodding, he agreed to stand in judgment. He assumed he would be laughed out and figured the shame was worth getting his father to leave him alone. It was as much to his surprise as everyone else's when the Doors of Judgment opened for him. Now he reluctantly joins the Institute of War to fight for his country in the League of Legends.


Health: 450 (+78 / level)
Health Regen: 6 / 5 seconds (+0.7 / level)
Mana: 240 (+55 / level)
Mana Regen: 7 / 5 seconds (+0.6 / level)
Range: 125

Attack Damage: 53 (+3 / level)
Attack Speed: 0.6222 (+3.3% / level)
Armor: 15.5 (+3.3 / level)
Magic Resist: 30 (+1 / level)
Move Speed: 325

Passive: Cowardice
When near an allied champion or turret, Feilig gains 30 additional movement speed and 10% increased attack speed.

Champion Radius: 900
Turret Radius: 400

[NOTE: When alone a special graphic will be displayed around Feilig's head.]

Active (Q): Run & Hide
Target allied champion becomes stealthed for a short time. While stealthed the target has increased move speed. Attacking or using an ability will cause the stealth to end. When a nearby allied champion is slain Run & Hide's cooldown refreshes.

Cost: 90 mana
Cooldown: 24 seconds
Range: 750
Stealth Duration: 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 seconds
Move Speed Bonus: 20%

[NOTE: Can be self-cast. Refreshes if an allied champion within the passive radius is killed.]

Active (W): Distraction
Target enemy champion is blinded for several seconds, causing all of their auto-attacks to miss. Ally's attacks against the target also inflict bonus magic damage for a short time.

Cost: 60 / 70 / 80 / 90 / 100 mana
Cooldown: 10 seconds
Range: 150
Blind Duration: 1 / 1.5 / 2 / 2.5 / 3 seconds
Bonus Damage: 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 (+0.2 per ability power)
Damage Bonus Duration: 3 seconds

Active (E): Encouraging Shout
All nearby allies are healed based on their missing health and receive a boost to their attack speed for several seconds. On kills or assist Encouraging Shout's cooldown resets.

Cost: 75 / 90 / 105 / 120 / 135 mana
Cooldown: 20 seconds
Radius: 600
Heal Amount: 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 / 70 + 5% (+1% per 50 ability power) of target's missing health
Attack Speed Bonus: 10% / 15% / 20% / 25% / 30%
Attack Speed Duration: 5 seconds

[NOTE: Feilig cannot use Encouraging Shout if not benefiting from his passive. ]

Ultimate (R): Courage
Feilig dashes a short distance forward after which he taunts all nearby enemy champions. For the next three seconds, Feilig has increased Attack Damage, Armor, and Magic Resist. This bonus persists as long as their are nearby allied champions.

Cost: 150 mana
Cooldown: 160 / 140 / 120 seconds
Dash Range: 550
Taunt Duration: 2 seconds
Attack Damage Bonus: 25 / 45 / 65
Armor & Magic Resist Bonus: 30 / 45 / 60
Maximum Duration: 8 / 10 / 12

[NOTE: As usual, “nearby” is defined as within his passive radius. ]


Numbers are pretty much arbitrary, since I have no experience balancing something like this. But it's nice to have something to work with. I tried to keep them reasonable and used existing abilities for inspiration. That said, I look at Feilig's balance questionably. Mana costs also erred on the side of high.

Also there is lore ... I am not a writer.


ORIGINAL: Champion name & initial kit ideas.
EDIT1: Adjusted Cowardice and Distraction, addded numbers and lore.
EDIT2: Adjusted base move speed to account for changes in Preseason 3 patch.

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Senior Member


Conceptually, I like the idea of a coward, and mechanically I think you pulled it off pretty well. Numbers would be a bit wonky, and the potential to slow allies is...somewhat concerning, but overall I like the idea of a dude who's all "Yeah, we can win, we can do it, we can- *Is alone* - Oh **** I'm gonna die!"

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Senior Member


i would change around his passive so that he gets bonus movespeed and attack speed when around allies and towers, having a negative passive, while unique, doesn't feel good to play

i also agree with The5lacker in that you really dont want to be ccing your allies, you might want to change this so that it only slows on self-cast.

i think your underestimating how much getting critically hit hurts, but i can't say too much as you haven't given any numbers.

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Mindworm Jim

Senior Member


How about changing the stealth to "Run & Hide" and giving a small move-speed bonus instead of a slow? The overall duration will certainly be lower, but it probably works better overall.

Esper, I think you're right about the passive. Negative passive was kind of a neat idea that I wanted to try out, but now that I've gone over it in my head I think it just doesn't work. Any sort of 'negative' passive will be conditional, and then there's no reason not to just make it a conditional benefit.

Distraction (or as it has been called at various times during development, "Below the Belt" or "Look Over There!&quot has been tricky. Near auto-crits is probably too strong in team-fights, and simple bonus damage does the same thing (although is easier to balance). But just giving a small burst of damage up front seemed either inappropriate (since it just becomes Temmo's dart at melee range) or too weak. What do you guys think?

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Senior Member


Mindworm Jim:
How about changing the stealth to "Run & Hide" and giving a small move-speed bonus instead of a slow? The overall duration will certainly be lower, but it probably works better overall.

Esper, I think you're right about the passive. Negative passive was kind of a neat idea that I wanted to try out, but now that I've gone over it in my head I think it just doesn't work. Any sort of 'negative' passive will be conditional, and then there's no reason not to just make it a conditional benefit.

Distraction (or as it has been called at various times during development, "Below the Belt" or "Look Over There!&quot has been tricky. Near auto-crits is probably too strong in team-fights, and simple bonus damage does the same thing (although is easier to balance). But just giving a small burst of damage up front seemed either inappropriate (since it just becomes Temmo's dart at melee range) or too weak. What do you guys think?

I agree with the speed increase instead of a slow. Riot has never put in a directly negative buff that can be done to an ally, the only thing that could possibly be used against allies are Jarvan's ult, Anivia's wall, etc. Regardless, I like the idea of a stealth on an ally. It could be so awesome with certain allied champs.

I would also suggest changing the passive to be a benefit, if it was a negative conditional passive, you would just have to grant him high movement and attack speed so he wouldn't be totally UP. Best to grant him a slight movement speed buff (and attack speed, if you want him to be a support that actually uses basic attacks much) while with allies. Perhaps you can do an increase based on the number of allies with him. Also, Encouraging Shout can still be disabled if not near allies, you can just put that effect into the ability itself.

On Distraction, I would suggest not doing a crit chance increase. Why? Because often, ADC's will have over 50 and near 100% critical chance, anyway, and if they don't, they will have massive amounts of AD and AS, which would make this OP. Bonus magic damage on basic attacks is much more feasible to balance while still strong in teamfights and with allies. It does the same effect that you intended while being balance-able. I don't believe there is any possible way to balance an allied crit chance increase, since it depends far too much on you allies' statistics.

Besides this, I think your champion is mechanically and thematically well-developed. I'm looking forward to the lore.

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Mindworm Jim

Senior Member


Bump for justice.
Also because I added a bunch of stuff.

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Senior Member


OK I have some suggestions for you that I hope might help.
Passive (Cowardice)

-The most dangerous thing about this is that he would give away his own team mates. If Feilig is alone, everybody will know it because of the graphic around his head and the lower move speed, this could embolden the enemy because they see an easy kill. One of the most important things for a support champion is that they don't feed the enemy and this ability could severely hinder that.
-Also his passive ability would give away the presence of his hidden allies. Lets say your alone and your graphic thing is up. Your ally Rengar sneaks into the bushes and gets ready for an Ambush. All the sudden, your passive kicks in and even though it appears that you are alone, you receive a buff that requires a nearby ally. This alerts the enemy champion that your ally Rengar is somewhere in the area waiting to strike, thus hampering Rengar's ability to get a kill.
-The only way I could think of to fix this would be to either completely redesign his passive so that it kicks in when he has low Health instead of when he has allies nearby. This would also fit in well with the Coward theme.
-Also, as a support champion, personal damage output is of very little importance to Feilig and can actually hamper his carry. Because of this, the effect which increases his attack speed is a bit out of place as it could potentially cause Feilig to steal CS or even worse, kills from his carry. I would suggest you remove the attack speed bonus and replace it with a defensive stat, such as Health or Health Regen.

Q(Run & Hide)

-The stealth seems a little bit overpowered for an ability like this, not to mention unrealistic.
-Firstly, if you look at the stealth abilities of most Stealth Champions, it is very rare that they last more than 6 seconds, and those are all self cast only. Evelynn's stealth is permenant but that stealth goes out the window the moment she gets too close to an Enemy champion or tower.
-If you want to keep the stealth I would suggest you drastically reduce the duration of that stealth to no more than 2 or 3 seconds. You can compensate for this nerf by slightly increasing the move speed gain.
-There is still another problem though. There is a reason Cho'Gath doesn't have the ability to go stealth, it is kind of hard to miss a hideous monster the size of a two story house.
-My suggestion would be to just remove the stealth all together. What you could do is make this ability boost the targets move speed by 25%, remove all CC effects and grant immunity to CC for a 3 or 4 second duration.

E(Encouraging Shout)

-First of all this is way to powerful to be an area heal. If you were to keep it the way it is he would heal his ally for the flat amount plus 15% of the target's maximum health. This is a tide turning amount of healing that is to powerful even for an Ultimate ability, and that's not even taking the attack speed increase into account.
-My suggestion would be to make his AP modify the flat heal amount, increase the base flat heal and just get rid of the percent heal.
-For example, if you were to make this heal all allies in range for 60/90/120/150 +0.3 AP, it would still heal a respectable amount, but it wouldn't be the broken game changer it was before.
-The attack speed increase is fine though.

R (Courage)

-Honestly there isn't much wrong with this ability. The only problem I see with this is in the increase in AD. This presents the same problem that the passive's increased attack speed does, it runs the risk of stealing kills from your carry.
-My suggestion here would be to remove the AD buff and replace it with another defensive stat. Let it temporarily increase his Health or his Health Regeneration for the duration.

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Senior Member


After reading through, I found some things that I liked and some things I didn't.

Feilig is supposed to be an incredible coward but excel in tactics and strategy, (from what I read), so support is a good role for him.
However, his skills are counter-intuitive to what his design is supposed to be.

His passive gives him buffs when he's with people but nothing when he's alone. To better fit his character, I'd suggest splitting it up into having him have more movement speed when alone but more attack speed when surrounded by allied champions (increasing based on amount).
Take away the sigil identifying surrounding friendlies too. This way, his character seems more like what he's supposed to be (a coward) and allows ganks when he's solo.

Now, the main problem. While the skill Run and Hide could be fun, the reason why Riot hasn't implemented something like this is due to how unbalanced it'd be. Make the allied stealth too short and it'd be completely useless. Too long and it'd be completely overpowered. Unfortunately, with all the new champions coming out and all the danger squishier champions already face, having a stealth skill that can aid another teammate is just impossible. Riot already attempted this with Lux before deeming it too much.

My recommendation for a redesign of the skill would be:
Make it an AoE % movespeed buff that only works when allies are facing away from enemy champions.
This would be great for kiting but not make it too strong for champions with gap closers.

Another, (not as important) problem would be the blind and damage procs on his Distraction skill. Blinding is already strong as it makes most AD-based people useless for the duration. Adding on a damage proc-per-hit would just be too strong.
If you want to keep the blind on this skill, remove the extra damage procs and replace it with a movement speed or attack speed debuff. Both fit the skill-name and Feilig's backstory as a tactician.
My recommendation would be to remove the blind entirely and replace it with general debuffs but no damage. (A movement speed, attack speed, and armor debuff) and give it a medium-high CD to compensate.

His E is okay as a skill. The problem I find with it though is that it doesn't seem to fit in with his coward theme. You can keep the heal on it if you'd like, but make the heal radius different than the buff radius. Also, change it up so that the passive radius is equal to the heal radius given.
Instead of his E only giving attack speed, make all inside the healing radius gain Feilig's passive attack speed for the duration. Those outside the radius don't get healed but gain Feilig's movespeed passive if inside the buff radius for the duration.

His R is great. I like it. My only change would be to give his other skills an additional effect that can only be used when Courage is active.
He's supposed to be an excellent warrior but is too fearful, correct? Well, having Feilig overcome those fears in the midst of battle should prove him to be extremely formidable. Of course, his nerves will eventually get to him again, but when the time counts he'll snap out of it.

Overall, I like the concept of having a coward fight giant monsters. While some skills do need work, I could see him being a good support for fights, buffing and debuffing and succeeding where it counts.

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Poeta Somnium

Senior Member


Hello Jim. Poet Ultima here coming out of retirement momentarily to represent the CCF Council and tend to my reviewing duties. =)

The consummate notion of a coward is certainly an interesting one that I find has a lot of potential, however there are a few points in your concept that are antithetical to what one is inclined to associate with a "coward." In short; some things just don't quite fit the theme.

Base Stats:
The first thing that stood out to me were your base stats; your health and armor are a little high, actually tankier than Shen in the early game. Conversely, your movement speed is very low; the lowest in the game, in fact. The rest of your stats look pretty good, but the combination of these two things lead one to believe that Feilig is a sluggish damage-soaker who has no reason to fear an engagement.

A coward to me is very frail but very quick to avoid danger; I would drop your defensive stats a smidgen (not much,) to bring Feilig down toward a range more comparable with other supports, but don't drop them too low, as he is melee in nature and does need *some* inherent tankiness. I would say around something like this; Health ~400, armor ~9, perhaps drop scaling MR altogether. To compensate, kick up your movement speed probably into the 350 area to make him more agile. These stats are, to me, more befitting a coward.

I like the bonus movement speed a lot, but here we run into another thematic problem; why does a coward need attack speed? Keep the movement speed but drop the attack speed and this passive makes a lot more sense.

While a castable stealth is a cool idea, there are a lot of mechanical issues that arise; namely it is something that would be very difficult to coordinate with teammates, and oftentimes the stealth may be wasted. I think a stealth is right on this champion, I just don't think it should be castable on teammates.

I do like the movement speed buff, so let's stick with that. Now all that's left to do is a strong secondary effect. What about if the tartget's basic attacks apply a slow, also? This would give your lane partner great kiting/chasing potential and fits nicely into a kit that is pretty movement-speed centric.

The stealth belongs elsewhere. Try tacking the stealth effect onto your passive; every time Feilig uses an abilty or attack, he is stealthed for a very short period (1-2 seconds) with something like a five second cooldown. This would give Feilig the ability to kite and juke very well and keep him safe despite lower defensive stats, and it really adds to the thematic feeling of a coward running and hiding.

Blind is a highly undervalued support skill, and I really admire your use of it here. The only problem I have with this ability is that the range is VERY low; it's shorter than melee range! I'd bump it into the 400-500 range to make it viable.

Again, a nice simple ability that I like a lot. I do worry about the reset function on kills/assists; that's a lot of healing in a drawn-out teamfight. You may want to reconsider that and just giving it a normal cooldown.

I like the idea of Feilig running into the thick of things and taunting enemies, but again, giving him a defensive steroid doesn't fit the theme. If you decide to go with my idea of placing him in stealth after casting abilities, it removes the need of bonus defensive stats. What you may want to do is have his ult prolong the duration of the stealth granted by his passive for a time. Again, this is a way to keep him safe while still sticking to the theme of a coward and avoiding the tanky route.

While it will never win you a Pulitzer, your lore gets the job done. It isn't anything flashy or particularly eloquent, but there's a solid story in there that defines who Feilig is. With a little love you can surely coax something special out of it.

- Adjust base stats here and there.
- Remove attack speed bonus from passive, replace with stealth from Q.
- Remove stealth from Q, replace with another buff, (my idea was an on-hit slow.)
- W is good.
- E is good. Reconsider cooldown reset.
- Remove tank stats from R, replace with extended stealth duration on passive.
- Keep polishing that lore!

I hope this review will help you take Feilig to the next level; I sense a lot of potential here. Keep it up!

~Poet (CCF Council)

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Mindworm Jim

Senior Member


Oh man. It has been quite a while since I looked at this. First things first, I want to thank everyone who gave their feedback. I really appreciate it.

This has always been a slightly conflicted concept (in fact, I tried to reflect that in his ability list - the names become less cowardly the farther down you go). Felig is a coward and a tactician; he's good at running away and fighting dirty. He's no good at brawling and can set up ambushes but he is also a melee champion so he needs to be slightly durable and damaging to meaningfully impact a fight*. He is a coward yes, but he also needs to be fun to play and I'm worried that if I focus too much on his cowardice he'll lose that.

After thinking about things for a bit I have potential changes I'd like to run by you guys before I change the original post:

Stats: I have no particular thoughts here. I based them off of Leona and Garen although I lowered his movement speed because I was worried that the free +30 from his passive would be too much. If I changed the passive as stated below I would probably increase his speed a bit.

Passive: Cowardice - After looking at this again I was thinking of changing it to an inverse of Vayne's passive - he gains extra movement when moving away from visible enemy champions. That might be too weak, so he could also grant the bonus to nearby allied champions.

Q: Run & Hide - I rather doubt this ability is balanced because stealth on a stick is a bit nutty. But I REALLY like it ... As a note, the numbers were lifted from Twitch's stealth skill and then given increased mana cost and cooldown. I didn't write it in but it is meant to have the same delay effect as Twitch and Rengar.

W: Distraction - This is in a good spot, although apparently it is just a worse version of Temmo's Blinding Dart. I'd probably move this one to Q since it'll be the ability he uses the most. Then allow the ability to interrupt enemy actions without being a proper stun so he's a little more threatening.

E: Encouraging Shout - A refreshing, AoE, percentage-based heal? HAHAHAHAHA what was I thinking? Something needs to go. Probably just remove the refresh effect, although removing the percentage part of the heal and making the refresh only remove part of the cooldown seems possible.

R: Courage - This is the ability that I probably won't change. In terms of lore it is meant to represent Felig overcoming his cowardice and revealing the skilled warrior beneath. In terms of mechanics it makes Felig a pseudo-tank at just the push of a button as well as being a great team-fight power.


I tried to make a coward, so he's really good at running away (and helping others run away). When he's by himself there is very little he can do other than escape. But he's also a support champion in a team game, so when surrounded by his allies he becomes more offensive.

*Yes I know there are melee champions that are not durable but they have substantially more damage than Felig.