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Option to Disband Ranked Games? (In-Depth)

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I know this has been discussed a few times in some other threads already, but most of them are simply threads which state this needs to be done.

Unlike these previous threads, I intend to go into some depth as to how I think a system like this could be implemented while also keeping an eye out for possible toxic uses.

Basically the thought goes that you start up a ranked game, and you get an AFK'er, troll, or whatever else in champion select. Your options are now 1) to play out the game and probably lose ELO, then further hope the Tribunal pays them back later, or 2) dodge and wait out a 30+ minute penalty.

The goal, then, is to add an option 3) which allows the game to be disbanded in one way or another from within champion select.

There are a few ways this could be done, but I'm just going to offer what I see as the best solution.

Some Groundwork:

A bit of thought is required as to what the ramifications of such a system are just as a general whole:


  1. Reduces the penalties assigned to legitimate players avoiding toxic behavior.
  2. Helps legitimate players avoid losing ELO without being penalized for doing so.
  3. Penalizes toxic players and helps pull them out of the queue pool.
  4. Will generally clean up the atmosphere, so to speak, because even trolls want to play the game.

  1. Will make it tougher to actually get into a ranked game because more games will be disbanded.
  2. May unfairly penalize legitimate players if the system is abused, particularly if abused by trolls.
  3. Doesn't reward sticking through to the end of a match and rewards pickiness in champion select, further increasing the rate at which games are disbanded.

So clearly some thought needs to be done here, because the mere use of the system will inherently cause issues.

My Solution:

This solution isn't the basic one people have suggested before. A surrender-style dialog is subject to all of the pros and cons listed before, and vote-to-kick is worse.

Before getting into this, please note that all numbers are just hypothetical, and a real system would need a lot of adjustments from this rough idea.

That said, my idea is to instead use the reporting feature as a measure by which you can punish players for toxic behavior. A more immediate version than the Tribunal, and one which legitimately makes reporting feel like it has power, not only to those who report, but also to those who get reported.

Basically, at the end of a match, a tally would be kept of the total reports and honors against all players.

1 report, you get a warning (or for repeated single reports, maybe 15 minutes).
2 reports, 30 minutes (standard ranked queue dodge penalty).
...and so on up to 9 reports, where you could get, say, a 24-hr. ban.

However, any honors given would counteract reports on a 1:1 ratio, so if most of your team likes you, you don't have to worry about being reported.

Secondly, if you lose the game, the ELO loss penalty for you and your team could be reduced. This would occur based on the number of reports the enemy team members make of any single (or possibly multiple) people on your team. (Only enemy reports! We don't want allied scapegoats saving ELO for their hateful 4-man pre-mades.)

For example, if one person on your team receives 3 reports from your enemies, the ELO loss for you would be reduced 60% (20% per report against a single person). This might also help mitigate that idea of "ELO hell." Furthermore, games in which this reduction occurs will not influence the matchmaker's confidence in your ELO rating.

Meanwhile, any reported players still take the full ELO penalty and sink lower into the depths.

However, if you win the game after all, the opposite could be true. For each report an ally makes of another victorious ally, their ELO gain can be reduced by 25%. Again, this penalty would be directly countered by honors received. (Note here that in the case of victory, only allied reports count toward the penalty. Don't want any butthurt pre-mades denying ELO to deserving victors.)

Thirdly, because this is making use of the Tribunal and the reporting system, the Tribunal will need to be granted a method by which it can penalize false reports (and due to inconvenience to legitimate players who are reported, the penalties should be harsher than those administered in error).

So, let's talk some pros and cons of this:

  1. Penalizes toxic game behavior in equal measure to its toxicity.
  2. Still penalizes queue dodging, so pickiness in champion select will not be much worse than at present.
  3. May help clean up the behavior of many toxic players who think reporting does nothing to them.
  4. Will help put toxic players into lower ELO brackets where they should've been all along.

  1. Doesn't fix the fact that you still have to play out the game with these people.
  2. Will likely result in a number of undeserving ELO penalties until the Tribunal is able to address the specific case.
  3. People with friends or pre-made teammates could counteract any penalties applied by this system with enough honor given. (Perhaps honor decay, as it is implemented currently, could counteract this problem.)

Constructive and thoughtful criticism is very welcome.

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This system allow you to flag troll/leaver/feeder/etc but I don't understand how it actually give you the option to disband a team during champion selection. I belive Riot must already use a similiar system for recidivist and give them bigger penalties.

I don't think your idea will work because

1) duo queue can abuse it

I hate this system to be honnest, so many things are not implemented in this game because we fear they might be abuse (vote-to-kick would be one) and I belive duo queue make most of those abuse possible. Sometime you don't even know that 2 players are a duo and they can do some serious trolling.

2) Honor and report shouldn't cancel each other on a 1:1 ratio

You can be nice to your team and a ****** to the other team and get honor and reports. Or be 6-1 when the final score is 8-30, decide to go afk because you can't carry since most your turret are gone and get repot by your team and hornor by the other. I wouldnt consider Honor and Report to be strickly opposites. Report > Honor in most cases.

3) The blame game

If you allow the ennemy team to determine who's responsable for your lost you might be able to adjust the ELO gain/lost more properly but be certain that you're to turn the all-chat into a monstrosity and will be accountable for the end of the world this december.

I wouldn't go near the ELO problem if i where you. This system was design for chess which is a single player game and to adjust it for game like LOL is a nightmare since it create "stats *****s" and exploits. We've all seen people give up when there was still hope to turn a game around and i don't want to give them reasons to start cutting their loss mid game.

4) You can't react instantly to a report

What if I jungle and the bot lane report me because I didn't gank. Top was doing horrible and i've judged that Bot could manage on its own and end up only ganking top and mid. Bot hate my face, Top lane think my ganks are trash, they report me for negative attitude and I can't play for 30 min ? What ?

The number of reports should'nt be a factor to consider in most cases. Sometime it take only 1 or 2 player to turn yout tean against you than you team start turning the other team against you. 7 reports have a nice day, you're done playing today.

So many exceptions, so many way to abuse, you can't judge someone so fast. I could right a whole book about why you can't judge someone like that.

That being said

My solution :

As much as I want to pull the trolls out of the queue pool I don't think it's something that should be done like that.

There is always a small amout of trolling in champ select, sometime people try to make others dodge so they won't have to wait.

I want a dodge button.

When i dodge it should allow me to report a player as a troll/intentional feeder and send a request to the others players so they can either support my report, ignore it or report me for misusing the system.

Those report should be revied in the Tribunal with the chat log, same as usual.

I really don't mind waiting 30 min to play. What i can't stand is having to play with some those troll to be able to report them. I'll rahter report him right away and use that time for something i will enjoy doing.

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This makes me think...

What if people with the honorable ribbons had their own queue that prioritized other honorable opponents?

What if there is a queue that puts frequently reported players with other frequently reported players?