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Bell FibreOP Cup Tournament Issues

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As posted on reddit.

Alright, so brief information. I'm Siignal, I go to Dalhousie, and today my team played in the Bell FibreOP cup finals with a sub in my absence.
We were a seeded team, but due to the scheduling of the event and finals that are happening tomorrow, we needed to acquire subs. In the rules[1] for the tournament, it states that to play you must be a Canadian citizen with a mailing address and be over 13 years of age. We satisfied these conditions, and discussed the changes in a skype chat (This is relevant later).
Come today, everyone is ready to play. They play two full sets of games, reaching the finals before being told that they are disqualified for not using players on our CSL roster. Now, that may make sense given that we are the Dalhousie team, and we were not using Dalhousie players. The only problem with that is that there were 2 other seeded teams that did the exact same thing with no punishment. Bear in mind that while one of them did go to the school, they were not on the roster for that CSL team, which is the reason given to us as to why we were dq'd. Then there's UWaterloo. They had a ringer today too in zig. zig attends Wilfred Laurier, a school very, very close to Waterloo, but he is not a student at Waterloo and is not a sub on the CSL team. There is no problem with letting him play apparently. There is an egregious double standard being placed by the responsible admin (I'm not posting a name because I don't want to break the witch hunt rule. So I'm not doing that, but I'll mention that the admin has at one point requested ELO jobs).
Now to the skype chat being relevant. You see, the admin in question is actually a student here at Dalhousie. He sent our captain an e-mail 2 weeks ago regarding rosters for our team, which was consequently missed for a reason I don't pretend to know. The admin was in our teams skype chat for the following 2 weeks while we worked out the subs and discussed the entire thing and said nothing about it to us. Not one word at all. He didn't double check with us, didn't drop us a line explaining anything, yet somehow leaves us the ones the only ones punished for an unwritten rule that other schools are breaking as well.
I don't know what result I want to come of this, I just wanted to raise awareness about what is going on.

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