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WE Misaya

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IPL5: In the grudge match with CL, Misaya rolled with Evelynn as 4th pick on the purple team. Dominating performance.

I'm glad, because she's so underrated. Eve is one of those champions that people just undermind.

He played her so well, I think I had a single tear rolling down my cheek. So happy to see her as a high end tournament pick!

But yes, to World Elite, you guys are scary good! Congrats!

Nice effort CLG EU!

Counter bans change everything.

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Correct me if I am wrong..

In the IPL5, the win rate of Eve is ....what 100%?

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Banned 17
Picked 8
Win 8 (100%)
Ban/Pick Rate 35%

She was considered underrated going into the tournament because most players had the impression that the DFG and nerf to her ult made her too weak. The pros apparently thought differently than most players (or came to think differently after certain teams used her).