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Gragas... Tank or Mage

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Jarek Grimlock



Which one do you think is best and WHY?

I stand for Mage because of the great durability you get. Even if you don't go tank you can withstand lots of dmg and still do insane dmg to your enemies...

The people i played with recently got sooo angry at me when I told them I didn't go tank that they all ignored me in chat and complained when I didn't call mias...

I was first to lock in my champ and I said in champ selection I wouldn't go tank, picked runes and masteries...

The team ended up as Gragas(2v1), Sion, Yi (Jungle), MF(Midd) and Veigar...

In the end.. I did most dmg and MF, Yi and Veigar Killstealed me and told me I sucked. Not that I care about stats but it's frustration after a while.

So.. sinces I couldn't respond I thought I would ask You guys... what would you build?

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Jin Deoro

Senior Member


Beefy Mage. Rylais, Rod of Ages and all that. Maybe add a pinch of MR or Armor. And then, voila, you made yourself a fat drunk. A drunk that could probably stop team wipes and aces. Probably could get some damage and kills in too.

Forget the fool who takes glory and greed. Just know you supported your team's cause, and that your allies probably couldn't have won without your abilities.