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We live in uneasy times, Summoners.

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Summoners, there is an issue that must be addressed. I often see it hinted at or whispered about, but never fully brought out into the light of day. People don't want to talk about it for fear that they might be right. I speak, of course, of the lack of transparency between the higher-ups and us, the every-day Summoners who are their lifeblood. Without us, they could not exist. Yet we are treated like scum and we are at their mercy. Who knows what goes on behind closed doors? Who knows how decisions are made? They pretend to let us have input but do we really matter to them? What is happening all around us, Summoners, is something bigger than we can all imagine. It is something bigger than the League of Legends. It is a matter of life and death for the world itself. The League of Legends is not what it seems to be. Let me show you, Summoners, what evils lurk inside the halls of the Institute of War.

The first pieces of this story begin with one of the first Champions admitted to the League. Ryze, the Rogue Mage, is a master of arcane magics, thorn magic in particular. He was taught thorn magic by Lilith, a beautiful witch, who he stole the enormous scroll on his back from as well. But recent pictures of Ryze's spellbook suggest a rather horrifying history is hidden in his spellbook. A close look at the front of the spellbook (http://i.imgur.com/tuAdT.jpg) reveals an image that can only be a stylized version of the Shadow Isles. (http://images.wikia.com/leagueoflegends/images/f/fd/Shadow_isles_concept.jpg) However, that is not the worst thing on these covers. On the back cover (http://i.imgur.com/YVUW7.jpg) we can see something that, if flipped a quarter turn clockwise, looks remarkably like a stylized version of an image we all know well, the map of Valoran (http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100821100306/leagueoflegends/images/c/cd/MapofValoran.jpg). However, there are several seeming inconsistencies. To start, halfway up the Western coast, we can see the two islands that lurk off the shores near Noxus. However, they are inside a crescent, one that does not exist today. However, there is a simple explanation which makes the meaning of the book all the more grave. If you look again at the map of Valoran, the sea is not all one shade of blue. Along the coasts, there is a brown tint, which indicates shallower waters. Right at those two islands, there is an unaccountable bulge in the undersea shelf, which perfectly matches where the crescent would be. That explains most of the inconsistencies in the outline of Valoran itself. But what could cause such a monumental change in the landscape? Only a Rune War, which makes the earliest this book could have been made more than 200 years ago. Yet, as we move to the dominating feature of this map, the massive triangle, we reveal a disturbing reality. That circle in the middle of the triangle corresponds to the exact location of the Institute of War. The Institute of War only dates back approximately 20 years. So how does a map of Valoran that is centuries old have the location of the Institute of War? The location of the Institute is obviously not an accident. Something, before the Rune Wars, knew that the Rune Wars would happen and that an entity would have to be created to stop them and save Runeterra from self-destruct.

So now you may be asking why we care about a benign agent who saved our world from disaster. Well, consider the fact that they had at least 180 years to stop the conflict and did nothing. They allowed the Rune Wars to happen and the very foundations of Runeterra to be shaken and then had an organization created to step in and take power. And they did not just plan the organization's existence, they specifically ordained the location as well. So what is so special about this location? Well, it appears to be a location where the boundaries between the dimensions are weak. That is why monsters such as Nocturne could prey on our Summoners' minds, that is why creatures of the Void and those touched by Icathia are drawn here. The League of Legends exists partially as an inhibitor against inter-dimensional voyagers, as we can see from this issue of the Journal of Justice (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/story/issue-21-12-may-21-cle), a beloved institution ruined by corruption at the highest level. But wait, it's Karthus talking about the inhibitor. Not even a summoner, much less anyone high up enough to know about the hidden purposes of the League of Legends. Guess where Karthus owes his loyalty to again? The Shadow Isles. So, we've come full circle. We may have gone from the back to the front, but now that we know what we are reading, we can examine the facts as they truly are, not clouded by lies and misinformation.

The true purpose of the League of Legends is not to help mediate problems between city-states. Oh, no. There are several purposes, which reveal how masterfully crafted this plan is. First, it exists as an inhibitor to stop the passage of extra-dimensional beings. Why this is will be revealed shortly. Secondly, it exists to maintain the general balance of Valoran until a certain catalyst comes in to play. Thirdly, it exists to gather the most powerful people in all of Runeterra and control their minds. The reasons behind this would be obscure if not for Karthus. Karthus is a Champion of the Shadow Isles, an increasingly influential region. Problem is, no one knows what they want. Why are their champions here in the League? Why should these abhorrent soldiers of the dead be allowed in the League of Legends? Well, frankly, because the League of Legends is controlled by agents of the Ruined King of the Shadow Isles. The King is a mysterious figure who appears to have been responsible for the curse of the Shadow Isles. He disappeared long ago, and his disappearance coincides with when the curse started. The Ruined King was, in reality, an exceptionally powerful mage who controlled the Shadow Isles in the ages of the first Rune Wars, centuries before the Great Rune Wars that so rocked Valoran. He appears to have conquered some or all of Valoran with his mighty magics and armies, and from this we get the name of the Conqueror's Sea to the west of Valoran. However, something went wrong. Either he attempted a spell that was too powerful, like Xerath, or something was sabatoged. And so he disappeared and his land was cursed by the spell. Where he went, none knows. Did he die? Did he enter into some sort of stasis? Was he spirited away by his demonic associates? It is hard to discern. It seems most likely that his physical body was destroyed but his spirit remains, haunting some terrible void. But before he died, he established his base at the current location of the Institute of War. The disastrous spell seems to be what created this window between dimensions. His minions remained loyal to him, however. Mordekaiser has waited those long years, working to bring back his master. He knows it can be done. Evelynn and Elise have waited in the shadows ere the long centuries as well. But now, they must move. They know the time is approaching, but they and their hidden accomplices created the League of Legends to sap some of the energy off so that nothing unwanted could break through. Nocturne managed to, but he has been dealt with. The League of Legends will soon become a portal to summon a demonic spirit back from a place that mortals call death, but they do not truly know the meaning of death. Who will this demonic spirit possess now that his earthly shell has been destroyed? Who else but Ryze? He who has learned all the lost, forbidden, and forgotten magics and who carries around the very materials to summon the King back from death. The massive scroll is an artifact of the Ruined King, containing the spell to harness eternal life and power in return for your soul. The book that Ryze carries is full of his Thorn Magic and much much else. Karthus's Requiem is only a fraction of the power of the full Requiem, which is only one of many methods of arcane destruction in Ryze's tome, and this is because the spellbook is actually the same one that the King used centuries ago, passed down through the centuries by mages, somehow always managing to be united with the scroll. The only reason why Karthus can't kill everyone on the map with his Requiem is because it is not complete. Ryze knows the Requiem, for he has become a being of pure magic, learning from the teachings of the greatest mage in history. However, Ryze the incredible destruction of a spell that harks back to the Rune Wars, he dares not use it. The King will have no such compunctions. Every day, his minions work to bring his return about. And we are doing this work unknowingly.

Summoners, we must act. Reginald Ashram did not simply disappear. He fought the rise of the King, and he was done away with. The supposed ring of corruption and treachery including the last High Councillor, Heywan Relivash, was not anything of the type. It was actually a group of individuals rebelling against the work towards the return of the King, and was attempting to sabotage the League for the good of Valoran. They knew that when the King comes, the world as we know it will cease to exist. A reign of darkness and terror will fall upon our entire world. The horrors of the Rune Wars will be insignificant to the absolute destruction that the King will wreck upon us all. We must stop the King, for if we do not, our souls will not be free long enough to regret it. The truth must out. The world needs to know of the immense danger it is in. We must rise up and fight for all the world. We can no longer think of ourselves as Demacians, or Noxians, or Ionians, or even Freljordians. We are all Runeterrans now. What say you, Summoners?

tl;dr: Institute of War is a sham, everything for the past 2 centuries or so has been manufactured by a cabal of shadowy individuals associated with the Shadow Isles. League of Legends actually exists to bring about the return of the Ruined King, who is then going to possess Ryze and take over the entire world.

Also I have some spare tinfoil hats if anyone else wants some.

Original thread. (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=2849563)I realized this is probably the place for this instead of GD. But hell, why not both? Should be harder for Runaan to ignore here.

Also, something that isn't completely expressed in there is the fact that Ryze is under the illusion that he is keeping the scroll and the book safe. In fact, he's actually just allowed to keep them for the meantime so that he'll stay in the Institute, and they'll be more or less taken with him when the agents of the King come for him when the endgame starts. Most of this is at least based in fact, though several of the conclusions are massive leaps that skip all intermediaries. Whatever.