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Prism, the Lightbender. Support/Mage.

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I had a few basic ideas of an ability power support or mage with a kit that consists of firing medium-range ray skill shots that have after effects if a champion walks through where the line was fired. Obviously, there would be rewards for playing either defensively or offensively for each respective player -- you could set up rays in the back to prepare for a retreat, you could fire the rays over your bottom lane carry to augment him or her, or you could fire rays through the bush and over the minions to make it difficult for the enemy carry to get their last hits. Appearance wise, the champion may be presumed to be male or female, but be built out of stars in a wire frame anatomy fashion, (think Algalon, Ulduar).


Life: 5/10
Attack: 3/10
Magic: 8/10
Difficulty: 6/10


Refraction (Passive)

Prism passively deflects a single ranged skillshot (maybe just a ranged auto-attack) in the direction of an enemy champion, enemy minion or harmlessly away when struck. This would be on a flat cooldown, with no way to regenerate other than time. A bit like Pantheon's Aegis, but not like Nocturne's Umbra Blades.

[Q] - Names are undecided. We'll call this "red" for now.

Prism fires a red line of light that leaves a trail of light that can be absorbed if a friendly champion or enemy champion walks over it. Think Galio's Righteous Gust or Nocturne's Duskbringer, but it can be absorbed if players walk over it. This ray would most likely be the widest of the three.

The ray would either collide with a friendly champion, releasing a small heal and increasing heal-over-time for a few seconds or collide with an enemy champion, doing small magic damage and inflicting a short burn and/or reduced healing effect. The ray could not hit both players in one shot, though.

EDIT: Perhaps it could go through friendly/enemy champions as well, the effect reduced slightly each time to a minimum, like Varus' 'Q', Ezreal's ultimate and so on. That way, if you miss hitting key targets with your buffs, it isn't such a bad thing.

The red line left over from the cast could last a few seconds and if walked through by a friendly champion to increase their healing over time to a cap. On the other hand, if an enemy champion comes in contact, a small damage over time burn is applied. The residual effect dissipates if a new ray is cast. (This rule is open to discussion. It seems to strong to allow all of Prism's abilities to be out at once, it could be overwhelming to the enemy, i.e. cutting off their lines of escape or incredibly helpful to the party.)


[W] - Names are undecided. We'll call this "blue" for now.

This mechanic would work similarly to the first ability, the ray would either collide with a friendly champion or with an enemy champion. Upon a friendly, it would increase the mana regeneration, energy regeneration or grant a small amount of rage all up to a cap. Upon an enemy, the hit would silence and deal magic damage (maybe based on AP or maximum mana). (Kassadin's Null Sphere or Soraka's Infuse). The difference here is, it's a line skillshot. This can be dodged. Not easily, mind you. You want this to be just as reliable as any silence for teamfights. This also would be the thinnest of the rays, but probably the same in length as the 'Q' ability but much faster in projection.

If walked through by a friendly, the ray grants increased regeneration up to limited caps as mentioned before. If tread by an enemy, it inflicts a set decrease to armor and magic resistance that drops over time or if they leave the area, but is refreshed if they enter again, doesn't stack (Singed's Poison Gas).

Obviously, you want this to be the longest cooldown of the three core abilities.
Use it for gank attempts, when you or your carry are about to take damage, are taking damage or need to back off and refill before engaging.


[E] - Names are undecided. We'll call this "green" for now. (This may be yellow, if you want to stick with the primary colors and if it's too similar to blue. But if we're going with a light theme here, yellow is but a mixture of red and green.)

Same as before, except a speed boost/decrease depending on the target involved. If the residual light is walked through by teammates or enemies, the same applies. (Definitely like Galio's Righteous Gust, but works in opposite for enemies, Kog'Maw's Void Ooze).

Supports need their escape or defensive tool. At first, I thought a shield might be more fitting. However, it would feel too similar to Lux. This ray's leftover light would function slightly differently, as it wouldn't be able to be picked up -- the light would just remain on the area for a few seconds. Obviously, you want either the whole team to get the speed (de)buff. This should probably be the longest of the rays, as you want to have a duration of speed buff/debuff.


[R] - Spectroscopy.

At first, I thought this ability might fire all rays in a blending of light, but what stops you from throwing your abilities down in the first place if a team fight breaks out?

Instead, this would be a steroid for the teammates struck by it, and ineffective for enemy champions. In a flash of brilliant light, a small, timed increase to attack damage, ability power, attack speed and health is granted to the champions involved, including Prism. This is meant to throw over the whole party the instant before the fight at Baron Nashor erupts. It's the go-ahead for the initiator to throw himself in, the confidence for the ranged carry to take aim and it gives freedom for Prism to throw his rays as desired without worrying too much about the party.

This ability may be global, but a large ray of light may be more fitting. It would do two things; encourage the party to stick together and wait for the buff, and secondly allow for enemies to take their shots at a grouped-up party.

Very basic idea, couldn't sleep and wrote all of this down. Completely open to ideas, please. I'd like to see more supports made. They're invaluable to the game and are often taken on begrudgingly rather than first-pick in matches. Thanks for reading.


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I like the basic idea of Prism. I think that Q, W, and E should differ more from each other. They are all lasers of some sort, which to me are just far too similar. In a teamfight, or any fight for that matter, they would not work together as a combo. Take Ahri for example. You start with Ahri's E to charm the champion, to get them to walk into the teamfight. At this point, if he's not dead, you can use your Q and W to finish him. Even 1v1 this combo is helpful.

You have to remember that being a support does not mean all you do is heal, which is the idea that you seem to have. All abilities injure the enemies while healing or boosting your allies in some way. Remember, you don't have a good support without a stun, a taunt, or a slow. Take Sona's ult for example. While she heals and regenerates mana, she still stuns the enemies to allow her ADC to pick up the easy kill.

Now, back to the spells you already have. If all they do is heal your allies and damage your foes, then what chance does the enemy team have? You have to make her more balanced and less... OP. Supports are not well-known for being the ones to kill everyone (well, besides Kayle, Lux, and Morgana. But pfft, who even plays them as support?) they are supposed to assist their teammates and allow them to pick up the easy kills. One of the best things of being a support is everyone loves you because you just hand them easy kills. With the spells you have, the team has little chance to pick up the kill while you're just killing them while healing your teammates.

The ultimate i think is too close to Soraka's, only much more OP. This would give Prism's team a huge advantage. Other global ults at least are balanced, not HEY HERE'S A BUNCH OF DAMAGES AND HEALTH AND MANA YA GO HAVE FUN. Of course, Karthus is exempt from this because he is Karthus and he can do what he likes.

Yes, this could use work, as all concepts do. Overall, good start but needs some editing and removing of some OP parts. Maybe a little too close to the concept of Lux, which could be a setback in making this a real character, but I guess that could always be edited to be more unique.