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Holiday Skins For Daruis And Annie (Make it Happen)

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With the holidays coming around the corner me and my brother and some other friends who play LoL were in Skype and were thinking about what the new skins would be this year so we thought and came up with are own hears what we came up with.....

Santa Darius- This skin would be a fun one and i would buy it in a second Darius would be in a full Santa suite with a Santa hat and would have a candy cane for his axe and when he ult ed someone it would shatter ( then re make its self of course) but on the ulti would shatter and his E would but then inside the candy cane loop i think this would be a fun cool skin a lot of people would enjoy and giggle when using it think it would be awesome make it happen riot )

Elf Annie- In this skin Annie would be in a full elf (shoes and all) out fit and when throwing her fire ball it would be a snow ball and when she use's here E it would be hot egg nog and when she summons tibbers he would be a GIANT snow man that starts melting when summoned and melts all the way into a puddle when he dies or expires! i think this could bring holiday spirit and cheer to all who see it or play with it on Annie

Please read and vote it up so we can make these 2 great skins happen

The ideas came from the minds of.....
FallEnFrOmGrAc3 Boogeymann500 Sythian and JustHear