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Sciath, the Bright Shield

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Sciath the Bright Shield

The idea behind Sciath is to make him very, very flashy. He draws the eye and, consequently attention, of the enemy players. He's not good at catching enemies but he's very good at intiating an attack.

Tank, Melee, Support

Passive: Every fourth attack that hits Sciath blinds the attacker for 1 second.

Shining Rush: Sciath places his shields together and rushes forward. Enemies that are in his path take damage and are knocked aside.

Lightbringer: Passive: Sciath intensifies the light in the area. All allies nearby, including himself, gain increased vision range.

Beacon: Sciath gains increased armor and magic resistance but becomes visible to all enemy champions.

Ult: Bastion of Light: Sciath creates a large shield wall. Enemies are unable to enter through the outside of the wall and allies that pass from inside of the wall to the outside gain a shield. If Sciath's Shining Rush takes him through the wall, the shield strength is doubled.

Beacon is one of the few abilities will a drawback but it is worked into Sciath's style. If you are able to see someone, you tend to go after them. It's hard to reign in that impulse, even if you think it is a trap.

So, what do you think?

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it has potential, being a support player myself. though i don't like that he doesn't have a sustain of him and or his partner. then again Galio, Lux, Morg, and Teemo don't have a sustain for their partner. but then then again they're not used for support much. though Lux support is popular now a days. and i have to say that ult has real potential. i always thought of a support champ that could plant little safe zones that the enemy couldnt get in or attack