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[Skin Suggestion] Trendsetter Trundle

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trundle \TRUHN-dl\, verb:

To move or walk with a rolling gait.

"They get her into a wheelbarrow and trundle her all over town."
-- Alice Munroe, Meneseteung

Trundle, first used in the 1500s, may originate from the Old English trendel, "ring or disk," which is also the root of the modern English trend.

Courtesy of Dictionary.com

It is also today's Word of the Day.

Just whiteboarding this out there, how do you guys think you would feel about a Trendsetter Trundle skin? Our beloved troll is in desperate need of some new skins, and while I am neither good at the game nor overly creative, I instantly thought of this skin when I read the word of the day.

I'm picturing him two ways. One is full Hipster mode, with a scarf, goodwill style clothes, and saying "I was clubbing before it was cool."

The other is him in a sort of high fashion sense. You know, like an Armani suit, 500 dollar hat that looks sorta silly, and a cane for a club.

Eh, not much, I know, but the mental image of both put a smile on my face, so I thought I'd share.

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Senior Member


HIPSTER! Besides making fun of hipsters, it also makes more sense with the "trendsetter" idea.
That, or give him a wig that looks like Justin Beiber's hair.

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i vote hipster mode