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Events mainly streamed on Twitch.tv

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Anyone else with Comcast have constant lag on twitch.tv? I know there's an entire thread with like 12~ pages of people who are having this same issue. I can watch any other stream site perfectly fine, but twitch just stutters and stops and starts again all day. Occasionally I find a stream that doesn't or once in a blue moon it won't lag for 30 minutes, but most of the time its lagging.

So many people on the thread linked below have good internet speeds, all use Comcast, and can watch other sites, multiple at a time, perfectly fine unless its twitch.tv. I love watching LoL events, but I can't really watch them when they're hosted on twitch.tv so much. When they're hosted on own3d.tv I can watch them with no problems at best quality.

As far as I can find, no one from twitch.tv has responded with acknowledgment of an issue or help to fix it. I found a Comcast thread, but I couldn't get on there because I don't know my family's Comcast account information. Also they didn't seem concerned with the 12 pages of people having the problem with full posts of their specs, and just wanted to know the OP's specs.

Link to Twitch.tv support thread: http://support.twitch.tv/discussion/6958/comcast-lag-issues-read-this/p1

Link to Comcast thread: http://forums.comcast.com/t5/Basic-Internet-Connectivity-And/Twitch-tv-and-comcast/td-p/1487271