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How to get these TF Stats

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I was watching a WE vs M5 game where Misaya finally got to play TF but I noticed at lvl 1 his stats were;

AD: 52
AP: 5
MS: 378 (with boots of speed)
AR: 20
MR: 42

The only combination I have found that has given me these results has been;

MS Quints
Flat AP Seals
Flat MR Glyphs

and a 10/3/17 Mast page with 2/3 brute force, 3/3 Hardiness, 4/4 Swiftness.

I was just wondering if there are any league masters out there that can help me out with a more viable combination to get the same lvl 1 stats because (at least to me) a 10/3/17 mastery page doesn't seem right. But im still noob :/

*Edit He also didnt have any passives on him like Janna's. Nor did he have sona's abilities on him either

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You're probably looking at 21/0/9 with 2/3 Brute Force, 4/4 Mental Force, and 4/4 Swiftness.

His runes are probably something like MPen marks, MS quints, 5 armor seals with 4 flat mana regen seals, and full flat MR glyphs.