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[Champion Suggestion] Magnetic Twins (not actual name)

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First post I've made so apologies in advance, this is a champion(s) I would like to see. This character(s) would be very difficult to play effectively however could be a lot of fun. The original post has been reworded to better match the suggestions from Esper11. I have shortened the descriptions but kept the long descriptions (though they are slightly modified) in italics. This means you can skip the italic parts.

Magnetic Twins: Two individually moveable characters, one wears red and one wears blue, possibly one male one female but looks are identical apart from the red/blue clothing, both have disturbing grins. Blue does magic damage with his/her auto attacks and scales with AP, Red does physical damage with auto attacks and scales with AD. Auto Attacks are ranged however only a short distance similar to fiddlesticks or karthus. Both are low health but strategically tanky, with extreme utility and difficulty.

Controlling the Twins:
You control the twins by alternating your commands between the two, that is, when walking you right click to move blue then right click to move red, then right click to move blue etc. attacking is the same. The two characters can be in completely different lanes however controlling them will obviously be hilariously difficult when they are not close together enough to be on the same screen.

The twins magnetism abilities:
All skills are determined by the distance between the twins, and their ability to attract or repel from each other like magnets. The speed of their pull-push between each other is constant (or exponentially increasing?) therefore moving across the entire screen is possible but slow and leaves you vulnerable. The skills have no cost however are very difficult skill shots, the Q, W and E abilities have no cooldowns (and no damage/stun) unless the entire skill is allowed to finish. Therefore you can keep trying without penalty and only let it finish when it looks like it will work.

Q: The active twin throws the inactive twin. The direction of the throw is in-line of the two twins and the distance of the throw is equal to the previous distance between the two twins however the throw distance has a minimum of ~400. When the inactive twin reaches their destination, the spell's effect is different depending on which twin was thrown.
If the blue is thrown: upon landing the adjacent/overlapping enemies receive magic damage and are stunned for 0.8 seconds.
If the red is thrown: upon landing the adjacent/overlapping enemies receive physical damage and are pushed for a short distant (same distance as flash or jayce's hammer E).
The cooldown is very short, 2.5 or 3 seconds. The skill may be stopped before the landing by activating again or by activating another skill, if the landing does not occur the cooldown is reset.
Long description: The twin that is active (it is their turn to move) pulls the other twin and then repels effectively throwing him/her throwing the same distance that they were originally seperated by, the twin that activated the skill remains stationary and the twin that is thrown uses his own magnetic field to effect directly adjacent enemies around where he lands depending on which twin it was (red or blue). This skill would be on a fairly quick cooldown (2.5 seconds or so) and would be the most damaging skill however a very difficult skill shot (especially when aiming across the map). Would be used as an initiation and finish of a combo, to escape or to position the twins. By controlling the distance effectively throwing the red twin behind the enemy can push the enemy back towards your team (when the twin lands) or push them away from an ally however it may push your enemy away from your W attract. Using blue to stun an enemy gives you 0.8 seconds to begin you W skill. If you know your Q is going to miss or put you in a bad position you can use W attract to pull the twin in before he lands. Levelling up this ability increases the damage and speed of the motion.

Passive: 10/15/20/25/30% of the bonus Ability Power is also added to the base Attack Damage, 10/15/20/25/30% of the bonus Attack Damage is also added to the base Ability Power (once each time)
Active: The twins attract towards each other and collide at the middle distance between them. All enemies (including minions) in the path of the two are collected and when the twins collide these enemies are given magic damage, physical damage and stunned for a short duration. The skill may be stopped by activating again before the collision, resetting the cooldown, if collision occurs the cooldown is 20 seconds.
Long Description: During travel the effect is a soft CC such that enemies that are collected can escape by using cleanse or quicksilver sash (and maybe flash) however the collision is a hard CC stun. During the animation (before collision) the skill maybe activated again to stop the attract and the twins stop where they are (or by using the E skill they are repelled) however the enemy is not damaged or stunned since there is no collision. If the skill is stopped before collision then the cooldown is reset, if collision does occur the cooldown is longish (20 seconds or so). As a stun the skill would be more effective when the twins are closer together (pulling the enemy to the turrets or to your team) however it could be used to forcibly transport enemies from the two outer lanes to the mid lane (if used to such extreme) if they have no spells to escape during the long travel. If the skill is used without collision then it can be spammed (with E) and allows for very interesting maneuverability as the twins circle around a teamfight. Levelling up this ability increases the damage, stun duration and speed of the motion.

E: REPEL The twins repel from each other for a maximum of the distance between them (the distance between them therefore doubles) however for a minimum of ~400. At the end of the repel the enemies collected (champions only) are pushed for a further short distance however they are not damaged. The skill may be stopped by activating W Attract before the the end of the repel (the push), resetting the cooldown, if the push occurs the cooldown is 20 seconds. The skill may be activated twice in a row for the full cooldown of 20 seconds.
Long Discription: The skill works similar to the W in that enemies can be collected however at the end of the repel the enemies are pushed for another short distance (400 again maybe). If an enemy that is pushed at the end of the repel hits a wall/terrain they are stunned (similar to Poppy) for a short duration, however before repel ends the collected enemies travels through the terrain/walls. The W (attract) skill can be activated during travel to quickly change direction and avoid the cooldown. Therefore if the W and E skills are used in alternation without allowing either to finish then they are on zero cooldown and work without delay. Alternating between them constantly though does not make then invincible in any way other than dodging skills shots and zoning as they can still be attacked while moving, and normal walking is still required to change the positions (otherwise they just go back and forth on the same line). If one of the twins ends up off the map (or if at anytime they end up on terrain) they are transported to the closest available space as is done when placing wards on the terrain. By double activating this skill (long cooldown) one of the twins can probably be saved allowing you to survive due to the passive. Double clicking this skill could also separate an enemy from an ally running towards you by having one twin remain stationary and another run toward your ally. Enemies that stun either twin will be able to stop this skill, or by using a delayed attack (vlad's ult, karthus ult, teemo poison, ignite) on the twin closest to safety can allow them both to be killed anyway. Levelling up this ability increases the speed of the motion and reduces the cooldown.

R: The twins spin around the outside of a circle between them. The circle quickly gets smaller as the twins attract and collect all enemies (champions only) at its centre. All enemies receive similar magic and physical damage as that of the W Attract however the stun goes for 2.5 seconds. The size of the circle is limited and only when the distance and cooldown of this skill is ready a mark/aura is shown on the twins (for all to see) and the skill can be used. The cooldown is very long 200 seconds.
Long Description: The distance between the twins at the time of its activation is the circles diameter. The circle quickly gets smaller as the twins attract and collect all enemies at its centre. All enemies receive the same magic and physical damage as that of the W Attract however the stun goes for longer. While the stun due to the collision can be avoided by quicksilver sash or similar active, the skill is quite quick regardless of the distance/diameter and the actual transportation cannot be avoided. The skill is limited by a distance similar to the distance of Kog Maws ult and an mark/aura on the character (so that everyone can see) shows when the cooldown is ready and the twins are within range. If used effectively the skill can separate a teamfight to your favour and/or to group the enemy allowing for area effect combos to be used on all of them. The cooldown would need to be very long (200 seconds or so) however by watching for the mark/aura on the twins the skill can be prepared for and the low damage means its not overpowered (unless you are extremely fed with massive AP or AD or both). Levelling up this ability increases the damage, stun duration, speed of the motion and reduces cooldown.

Passive: Every 10 (or 12?) seconds the total health is shared between the twins. If a twin is killed the remaining twin becomes very angry and which increases his/her armor and magic resistance by 25% and doubles there basic auto attack damage.
Long Description: The health of each of the twins is normally separate however every 10 seconds the remaining total health is shared between them. Therefore the character does not die unless both of the twins are killed (effectively counters burst champions however you are made quite useless without your twin) as after 10 seconds the health is spread out and the dead twin is instantaneously revived adjacent to the remaining twin. For the 10 seconds that one of the twins is dead the remaining twin becomes very angry and his/her armor and magic resistance is increased by 25% and basic damage (physical damage if red and magic damage if blue) is doubled (normally his/her basic damage is low so this just makes it slighly above normal).

Character Category: Utility? Strategic Tank?
The twins would be low health (1000 each at level 18, 1500 or so each if you have a warmog) however are strategically-tanky champions whose abilities allow significant crowd control but with very high difficulty. Would rely on the team for damage unless a long ranged Q->W landing under a turret or similar strategy was successful.

When Stunned:
When either of the twins is stunned (morgana, lux, ryze lock-down type stuns) their active turn is NOT SKIPPED (otherwise you would get very confused) but everything is silenced, particularly skills that require both of the twins are obviously silenced. However silences (not stuns) such as Cho and Kassadin do not stop the free twin from using Q to rescue the silenced twin.

Item Builds:
Can be played AD or AP or both however since each of the twins does different damage if you are playing AD then the red twin will be the one you want to throw with your Q, if playing AP you will want to be throwing blue.

Backstory for the twins would be something along the lines of being separated as babies but always being able to communicate telepathically. Everyone thoughts the kids were crazy because they spoke about their 'imaginary friend' and would randomly scream as one got hurt and the other shared the injuries. When one of the twins was about to be killed due to domestic abuse the other snapped and their abilities came forth and they met for the first time plowing through every city that seperated them. They are now on a journey to find their real parents who they believe have or were champions themselves (maybe they are? or maybe they were tricked into thinking as such?). When they meet their parents they may decide to kill them on the spot but in the meantime they enjoy each other's company and playing with their enemies.

I love the idea of clicking madly to position each of the twins and then sending a twin behind a bush that you suspect the enemy to be hiding in by using a long ranged Q and then using W Attract to collect all enemies in the bush pulling them back under your turret or to your allies. If you miss or pull too many enemies you use Q to pull your pull your twin away just enough to get this side of the enemy and while everyone is still inline you use E to push them all away. You would be moving your mouse and clicking constantly, during teamfights you will hold your breath and veins will be popping out of your head

This is simply a character I would like to play, please comment


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your method of presentation is a little off. you have several separated walls of text, and not many people (myself included) will actually read through the whole thing to give you an accurate review.

i am going to rewrite your Q skill in a way that is easier to read for comparison's sake:


Q: the active twin throws the inactive twin towards a target location that is a distance equal to the previous distance between the 2 twins. the previously active twin remains the active twin. when the inactive twin reaches their destination, the spell's effect is different depending on which twin was thrown.

mana cost: X/X/X/X/X
red twin damage: X/X/X/X/X physical damage
red effect: push enemies back X units
blue twin damage X/X/X/X/X magical damage
blue effect: stun for X seconds
inactive twin's speed: X/X/X/X/X
cooldown: 3 seconds

notes: this skill would be used as an initiation and finish of a combo, to escape or to position the twins. By controlling the distance effectively throwing the red twin behind the enemy can push the enemy back towards your team (when the twin lands) however it may push your enemy away from your W attract. Levelling up this ability increases the damage and speed of the motion.

to summarize, first you start off with a basic definition of the skill, you should be able to do this in 2 or 3 sentences. any more than this (and 3 sentences is pushing the limit) and you should simplify or rework the spell.

next you put down all the numbers for the skill. if you want an accurate review, these numbers are required, if you don't know what numbers to use, copy the numbers from a similar skill and the fine tuning can be done afterwards.

extra notes go at the end, as these are not necessary for the reader to understand the skill.

now some basic ideas about how to make a champion. your champ doesn't have all of these issues, but you should keep these things in mind.

- aim to make a champion that is both fun to play and fun to play against. to do this, imagine playing as you made-up champ, then imagine having to play against your made-up champ. this is only based on your Q skill, but you have but a stun on a 2.5 second cooldown, this will be extremely annoying to go up against, especially if you get into melee range with yourself, your twin, and your enemy, as you will be able to chain-stun you opponent.

- include counter-play into your champ. all champions should have a way to be countered. kog'maw is countered by early game compositions, lux is countered by multiple gap-closers, amumu is countered by heavy counter jungling early on, rumble is countered by stacking MR. the list goes on, but always consider this when you are making a champ, or else you will have a champ with no weaknesses, and nobody wants to play against that.

- you want to make the champion as simple and intuitive as possible. a good indicator of this is if your champion's skills have a description that is greater than 3 sentences. any more than this and your champ becomes convoluted and difficult to understand. look at orianna, this champ has alot of depth, but the skills are all fairly simple, this is a good way to give a champ depth. a bad way to give a champ depth is to make all their skills more complicated by continuing to add stuff to them.

- avoid putting too many passives on your active skills, it often just makes the champ more complicated than they have to be. it is better just to buff the active or buff the base stats of your champ

thats about all i have for now, hope you make more champs in the future

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especially if you get into melee range with yourself, your twin, and your enemy, as you will be able to chain-stun you opponent.

Haha, thats true except that every second throw is not a stun (only blue stuns, red pushes). Perhaps to make it so that you cannot chain stun/push, how about having the direction of the throw always be in-line of the two twins and the stun is only 0.8 seconds? Therefore chain stunning/pushing can only be done if the enemy ran in a straight line and you time it perfectly. The angle of the Q can be changed fairly quickly when the twins are close by moving them however the distance is the set minimum, so inside that distance you are safe from the Q, outside that distance and lining up the twins becomes even more difficult because the outer twin has to move a long way to change the angle significantly. Therefore if your opponent melee attacks you or ensures they are never inline with the twins then you can't land this skill at all, or the W and E skills for that matter.

As for countering this champion, your squishy and so killing one of the twins is easy particularly during the early game (until you get tanky items) and when your twin is dead you are quite useless and when your twin comes back you are at half health. Perhaps a gold bonus is given when killing a twin (similar to killing Annie's bear Tibbers?). The method of controlling them and their skills encourages you to have both twins nearby and once one is dead the other cannot escape except by flash or similar summoner or item actives. Countering them would therefore be to move around a lot to avoid the very difficult skill shots and to focus/burst one of the twins at the beginning of a fight. Losing a twin puts you out of the fight for 10 seconds (would 12 seconds be better?) and the fight could be over by then.

I'm trying to have this character be an amazingly difficult character to play such that if you are extremely good/lucky with your skill shots you are rewarded, if you think this character is overpowered then I want to make him/her even harder to play.

Will give the character some more thought and would like to post it in a better format similar to Dragorune. Appreciate the reply. Cheers

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Drat you beat me to this concept, mine works a little different but is more or less the same idea of two champions.

I had mainly the passive worked out so far, I will post it either here or else where, like my Iru-Jon champion idea, but again drat you for beating me to this.

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Drat you beat me to this concept, mine works a little different but is more or less the same idea of two champions.

Please continue your idea, the concept of controlling two halves of your champion in alternating commands is what I think makes this champion fun and would like to see your version. If you could post the name of your champion idea on this thread that would make it easier for me and others to search for later on. Cheers

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This is what I posted in another thread, here is the link, http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=31967554#post31967554 , I already got down voted, new record for me.

So I was thinking about champion concepts that haven't been in the game and I was trying to think about the obvious difficulties of the concepts. This is the point at which the light in my head turned on and I came up with what, at least I think it is, a brilliant idea. Also unless I post other wise I am planing on using this idea so don't use it for your own champions I may give up on this concept if not enough people give me feedback or are exceptionally dense/ don't read properly and complain about moot points.

So with out further ado here is a applicable passive concept that could be used for twin champions.

Passive: You may switch control between the two champions by double left clicking on the picture, character model, or icon representing the other half of your champion on the mini map.
Both of characters of this champion has their own abilities, stats, inventories, health bar, mana bar, and experience bar. If one of the two champions isn't given a command for 10 seconds then it will follow the other champion like Tibbers. You may have both champions attack the same target by double right clicking on it, you may have both champions use any of there basic abilities on the same target by holding down the abilities hot key as you cast it. both champions must be level 6 before you can use their ultimate. Both characters start with and item called The Pendant of Shared Thoughts.

Unique Item:
The Pendant of Shared Thoughts - Activate: All other champions with this item start glowing, if one of those champions activates their pendent then those two champions switch places. Cooldown is 2 and 1/2 minutes.

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Oh okay, I don't look at the forum much and hadn't searched twins either, the 'twins' ideas I just briefly looked now are certainly different enough to be separate concepts. All should be continued.

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Aevo 55



This is a cool idea, but i think some things need to be changed.

The way that you have them moving is a little confusing and would be fairly annoying to play as. if you're getting ganked as one of the twins but you are currently controlling the other one, you will end up moving the wrong character and end up dying. I would suggest maybe pressing the alt key to switch between them.
They also shouldn't be able to go so far from each other. That would make it so you can be in two lanes at once, and would be hilariously overpowered.

For the Q, the fact that one twin would throw the other twin the distance that they were originally separated by is overpowered. Also the fact that they can knock back or stun enemies is powerful. I would suggest making it that they have to be fairly close to each other, and then the active twin throws the other a short distance, dealing magic/physical damage (depending on which twin was thrown) and maybe have a slight knock back away from the landing of the thrown twin. There shouldn't be the choice to cancel the ability because its a throw, not a gentle glide; so it should be fairly quick, and if you do throw the other twin, then why should you be able to cancel it? if you didn't mean to throw the other twin into danger or something then that's your fault and should be punished by an annoying yordle.

The W is great. I think the fact you can cancel this ability makes it good for re-positioning and bring the twins close together got the throw or something. The cooldown should not be refreshed though, because that would lead to spamming and not being able to be hit by anything. Note:for a slightly different effect for this ability, the active twin could pull the inactive twin towards them, bring them out of danger or help for continuing a chase.

The E is too similar to the Q in my opinion. It could maybe be a twin-specific skill like one shooting a magic thingy and red doing something... attacky.

The ult is good. It has lots of potential for clustering enemies together in a team-fight for your team to kill and also would look pretty cool. The glowy-thing when its available shouldn't be visible to everybody though. Only the person controlling the twins. Maybe your allies could see it too so they know when you can ult, but enemies shouldnt be able to see it. They should have to look at the distance between the twins and know when they can ult.

The passive for health-sharing is amazing. That would be really good for sustain and would allow for some interesting strategies for laning. The twins should be close together though for it to trigger, or else would could have one twin on the spawn tower and the other could constantly be healed.
The buffs when a twin dies should be removed though. because they are magnetic or maybe telepathically attached when one twin dies the other should. That way when one twin dies you arent stuck trying to get yourself killed to be able to use abilities, and it should make a more 'twins work together' type of play-style.

When one twin is stunned, the other should either be stunned, or automatically selected. The un-stunned twin shouldnt be abel to use skills that require both twins to be moving. (thats why E should be a twin-specific skill) When one twin is silenced, they should stay selected (if they were selected while silenced) and be abel to move as usual, but of course not cast skills. The other twin should be abel to throw them, pull them, but not ult, because that has both twins equally doing work. When rooted, selection should not change, and the rooted twin can use all abilities (except ult) because all others move the other twin. The un-rooted twin cannot cast Q, W, or ult though.

The shared inventories is a good idea. health, armor, magic resist, and auras should be equally split between the two twins. (warmogs gives 500 health to each, thornmail gives 50 armor to each, locket thingy (i don't feel like looking for the actual item name right now) should half of the stuff it's aura gives to each of the twins. (sorry about the vagueness of the locket i rarely look at it or buy it) Movement speed, crit chance, item actives and item passives should be availible for both champs, but the cooldown starts when one twin uses it. (hextech gunblade's active can be used by both champs, but cooldown starts after one uses it.) Ability power and attack damage shouldnt be shared between the twins, because blue has no need for AD and red has no need for AP. Those two stats should be given to their corresponding champ. (if you bought a DFG and a Nashor's tooth, all the ap would go to blue, and red's baisic attacks wouldnt be given damage from the passive.

The lore is cool! The fact that they feel each-other's pain could add another thing to the passive where all damage dealt is split between the two. That would get rid of the every 10 seconds health-sharing and would make it so the die at the same time.

Im not sure if being a tank would fit them though, because they dash around really quickly and can do alot of stuff to mess up the enemies. They could be assassins or supports because of the pull and good poke.

Just some of my ideas! I tried not to change the overall champion too much, because it is your original idea.