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Champion Concept: Acerbus (A-Ser-Bus)

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Acerbus - Master of Darkness. Assassin.

Passive: Upon death a tendril of darkness will remain on his body. if an enemy champion lurked too close, the tendril will lash out dealing 200 true damage. the tendril will then disappear. 5 min cool down.

Q - interception: Darkness coils around him and he sinks into the ground, dashing a short distance, rising up and gaining increased movement speed as well as attack speed. Invulnerable while underground. 5% MS and AS, 10% MS and AS, 15%, 20% MS and AS, 30% MS and AS. Cooldown 15/13/11/9/7, Mana Cost: 60/ 75/ 90/ 105/ 120

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