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bring an eye to the shadow

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First fanfic please leave oppions

Shen was panting heavily. He had just attempted to attack a noxian outpost, it didnt work well. All he could hear were the noxian guards behing him shouting insults about being Ionian. Shen heard a noise in the trees, he looked up only to be swept off his feet by a blade that swooped up into the trees. " you could have chopped my foot of!" shen shouted at Irelia. She responded, " dont tempt me shen."
" why did you save me?" he asked her
" because we need you in the same war to win!" She responded with a harsb tone, " now come lee has been waiting".
Shen arrived at a small campsite just near the shore of Ionia, he saw master yi, wukong and lee sin all do what they needed to be doing.
" ah shen glad you could make it alive," Lee sin said sarcastically
" hi to you too lee," shen responded in a sharp tone, " give me the map".

Shen stared at the piece of paper and looked in horror. He was dedicated a patrol in the terriority of his mortal enemy, Zed.

Please leave your feed back more to come soon