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[Suggestion] Role Ranked Queue

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Perhaps one of the most frustrating part of solo ranked queue, especially at lower elos where players get disenfranchised, is the selection phase of the game. I know this isn't an original idea, and I am 100% sure it's been here before. But I want to throw it out there again.

Players enter the selection portion of the game and instantly say, "I only play top." "I only play mid or jungle." "I can play anything but support." The "carry only" attitude is the most prominent in solo ranked queue. Which honestly, can be understandable. From my experience, any polite suggestion to work together is the equivalent of throwing lighter fluid on a small fire.

A simple solution would be to implement a WoW-esque system where a player can select the roles they'd be willing to or would like to play in ranked queue. So personally, I would select top and support, because that's simply the two roles I prefer to play. A player would simply choose the roles they'd like to play, and through the match making system, would be grouped with other appropriate roles. An advanced working model would result in the addition of the ability to rank certain roles to increase the probability that you get the role you most desire. Another suggestion is to have the opportunity to be team captain and therefore be the highest elo player on your team.

Here's some thoughts in Q&A format that I've thought of off the top of my head:

Q: Doesn't Riot want to avoid establishing a "meta."
A: Whether Riot likes it or not, meta games generally develop through evolution as a game becomes more established. Since I've been playing, there's been a clear meta game in every lane. That's not to say certain strategies don't work, but that there's an established meta that rolls down to every elo bracket of the game. This system is merely a guide. Players are free to communicate among themselves if they'd like to play a non-meta team game. But the reality is 99% of the games played follow the 1 top, 1 mid, 2 bot, 1 jungle meta.

Q: Won't it take me longer to queue as mid as opposed to adc?
A: Yes, probably. From my experience, mid is by far the most popular role while support is by far the least popular role. Therefore you will likely experience shorter queues queuing as a support as opposed to queuing as a mid.

Q: What's to stop someone from queuing as support and then refusing to play support in the selection process?
A: Nothing. That's simply part of the system. The best option at that point is report that team mate for the appropriate reason at the end of the game. Or, you can choose to leave the queue before the game starts, which will only result in a small suspension from ranked queue and no loss of elo. It's worth noting that this happens already. The majority of people whom pick last refuse to support and you start awkward team composition games. This is not a "fool proof" system. It merely drastically increases the probability that a team is put together where everyone will have the opportunity to choose the role they most desire.

Thoughts? Positives? Negatives?

Credit to Mugzu for suggesting this idea in game as I faced the frustration of having 3 ADC on my team.

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Well, thanks for the credit, and werd. You write much better than I do anyways.

I think a positive to this is it gets rid of a lot of negative comments right away. You can get into the selection phase and see what everyone queue'd for. Start working on a team comp right away instead of bickering over who is going where which is never fun for anyone and usually the start of the common ******-baggery.

This is not only a positive fundamental change but I believe a good change for the mentality of the game. Hope someone see's this and at least gives good feedback to it.


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Im down for this system I have told my friends many times this is needed, there should just be an option when entering a game like "Yes, allow me to pick my role" or "No I would rather form my team" I am tired of ranked games whener .001 seconds in its "MID" "MID" "MID... TOP" and from my experience games that are 'called' are almost always instaloss

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Gray the Grayte

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I think this is one of the best worded explanations of why this feature is needed that I have seen to date.

You will find my version as suggestion 7 on my Suggestions for improving solo queue ranked play (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=2715855) thread.