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My Two Cents

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Shini Laser

Senior Member


Certainly has been a while since I posted on the forums. Hell, when I did back in the day, it used to be more on the Dominion forums, but careers are like . . . no, I won't bring the dead joke back.

Back on topic. So, Riot. Not just the public faces of Riot - though this applies to you guys also, maybe even a little more for dealing with us (the consumer). At first, when I saw what is to be included in the S3 patch (even some of the more OP items, like Arcane Helix or whatever the hell that item was), I was a hint nervous. Now, playing on the PBE, while I realize the PBE isn't the best judge of the state of the game, not only I feel you guys exceeded my expectations, but probably did a backflip just because you guys are showoffs (in a good way).

Being a mathematician educationally (and a software engineer/consultant by trade), I try to think of balance in a similar manner as Jenga - you move one piece at a time, thinking very carefully about every move because if the tower falls, everyone points and blames you. Unlike Jenga, though, when this tower collapses, people aren't laughing at the fall. You guys might hiccup occasionally, maybe even do things that make everyone go what the bleeping hell, but the fact you did what seems like the impossible by making so many changes at once and yet, playing the game, it feels more balanced, more team oriented, more everything. There are certain changes I am still worried about getting used to (mainly all the support changes - actives aren't my specialty), but yet, I see the future is still bright for this game and even brighter than it was in S2.

Of course, the sooner this patch gets on live, sooner I'll start playing on live again! With that, thank you, Riot.