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The pick order.

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LOL this thread is something what i was going to post a new thread about. Myself like ****** Mang am always last to pick i always fill in what ever we need. But im getting heavily angry and beyond frustrated with the hitting play, and then hitting that accept button, and seeing chat show up with in 2seconds ( copy and paste most likely)

player 1: Top
player 2: Mid
player 3: Mid

all at the same time, then theres an arguement between player 2 and 3 for who called it first.......and i think, **** im grouped with 8 yr olds............(no offense to 8yr olds)

anywayz today in the 11 hours i've been playing (ive suffered through 7x 5minute ban thingies for quiting during champion selection, as this is the part that is heavily pissing me off.

When did the location you play become the number 1 priority per game to group composition? For example.

I myself love an easy game with karthus here and there. i like to play 2-3 games (of what i personally want to play myself with out a care in the world what group comp is, I kinda force some1 else in the group to take up a support role) for aslong as i've been playing the game its always been a rush to get the champion you wanted to play.....now no one seems to care what they play, just where they play for the first 10-20 mins....

Anywayz, the game loads up, and i pick karthus (i never lock in, incase i have to change to different roll) as my champion picture loads in the box, chat begins with the calling of positions at roughly the same time i pick my champion. the person that calls top 10 seconds later (im guessing after setting up summoner spells runes and talents) chooses an AD shaco. then the person that calls mid, chooses an AP Nidalee. then for bottom your left with something like a Graves and a blitzkrank

now under no circumstance do i think any of those champions chosen are a bad choice in any lane.

however, a perfect group composition for this would have been Shaco jungle karthus mid, nidalee top or bottom, Graves top or Bottom, and Blitz bottom. or even shaco with graves or nidalee.

now the arguing begins, because apparently the nidalee called mid first, which kinda ruins any possibility for me to play karthus, as mid is the best spot for him, so he can get ulti and start getting kills / assists as quick as possible (thats what i always thought karthus went mid for)

the problem is, people now want everything they want to play the champion they want, they want to play the lane they want. they dont care win or lose, or how it puts every1 else out of place. (which i quit champion selection and suffered 5min ban)

thankfully i now have my own little punishing techniques.... I no longer give any honor points at end of match to anyone that calls out a position the instant a champion selection loads, I am now ignoring arguing in champion selection about positions, (once the game starts) which isnt that smart of an idea for me and i should stop it because it cancels communication with my team. no matter how idiotic i think they are >.>

the way i used to remember this game only 2-3 months ago and all the way back i think close to 2 years now, every1 would pick the champions they wanted or was needed. the spec (ap or ad or support) and then worry about who was going where once the game had actually started.....

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mid. goes. last. damnit. Jungle goes first. Then top/support. then adc and mid. Adc can technically counterpick mildly, whereas having early picks to get powerful supports/tops/junglers is more useful

Counterpicking doesn't mean nearly as much as you think it might mean.

If I'm first pick and mid is my best role, I should play mid. If I've got a 75% win rate with say Veigar, then I should definitely be picking him.

The enemy mid is left with two options. The enemy mid can pick the champion he is also best with and try his luck against me. Or the enemy mid can pick a champion that counters Veigar.

Now, on very rare occasion will those two categories actually overlap. I picked first. No one on the enemy team has picked yet. I got to pick the champion I am absolutely best with. I'm forcing the enemy mid to choose between a Veigar counter or his strongest champion. As it turns out, the enemy mid has a higher chance of success against me by picking his strongest champion rather than a Veigar counter.

Some of the strongest counters in the game only result in the counter-picked champion only having about a 7% lower win-rate than he does against every other champion.

What this means is if I have a win rate of 75% over all with Veigar, my win rate with champions that are a counter to Veigar would be in the neighborhood of 68%. And if my next best champion in mid lane is Karthus, and I only have a 65% win rate with him (and lower against Karthus counters), then I'm still better off picking Veigar all day long, first pick, last pick, blind pick, counter pick, whatever, it doesn't matter.

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Well your idea is good, but i would tweak it a little. Have you choose a role at start of game, and let the system match you with the other roles. (e.g. I love solo top.. i choose TOP.. and then system automatically places me with a ADC, SUPP, MID, JUNGLER) though if you wanted 2 top, i wouldn't know what happens LOL. But still would make life easier .