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Bug Report Story

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Saw this on the bug report forum, and decided to get creative.
Then figured I should post it here, along with the original inspiration.


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16 Hours Ago
So uh.. I was playing yi in rift. everything look black ish for somereaons, shadows are too heavy. at 16 minutes or so into the game i went to try to kill drag. i didnt get lifesteal so i couldnt fight him and ran. I ran to the river bush (the small one) and try to recall.

as usual drake decided to be an a-hole and keep attacking me. now this is the bug part. i go out of the bush toward mid lane just a few steps. And i still saw drake standing there. Fog of war covered it so i thought it was just fps. then after i got vampiric i go back for a rematch. Suddenly , dragon is no longer in his pit. instead he is beside the above mention-bush . So i begin choppin him down but he wont fight back. after i kill him i still get the gold. bug?

Then, here's my response:

Master Yi ran through the thick bushes of Summoner's Rift, leaping into combat verses the mindless wraiths. The action was familiar - the quick double kill of Alpha Strike instantly killing the larger, hungrier ghoul, and one of its small slaves.
He couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong with this match, however - the shadows somehow seemed darker, more black than they normally appeared to be. Yi had fought countless times in seemingly meaningless battles for the summoners who claimed they were trying to save the world - but this match seemed somehow WRONG.

The lanes were quiet; none of his allies had cried out for help yet, so he proceeded to the Dragon pit to fight this powerful foe. The monster seemed more... alive this time around. Yi knew that it was just a summoner's construct, but still - this time it was watching him, sneering.

Master Yi shook off the feeling and leapt towards the Dragon, covering his fear with the rush of Alpha Strike, attacking as fast as he could. He felt the familiar pain of the Dragon's flames scorching his body, forcing him to attack slower, but he kept going. Then came the breaking point, when Yi realized that the Dragon was too strong. It would kill him. The Dragon was laughing at him.

Master Yi ran from the Dragon, diving into a small bush in the middle of the river, the small splash of his passage covered up by the trickling water. He vowed to return later, after he was more powerful, and began the mystical process of returning to his base, waiting for the flames of the Dragon to finish their slow burn.

Then, suddenly, another wave of the Dragon flame scorched his skin, nearly killing him. Yi turned in shock - the Dragon never came this far away from its lair!
But there it was, in awesome majesty, its reptilian eyes glaring at him in hatred, completely unbound from its normal shackles.
Yi turned and ran towards the middle lane, fleeing his unleashed foe. He could swear that he could hear the Dragon still behind him, winging its slow, inexorable path to destroy him.

Later, much later, Master Yi returned to fulfill his oath. The Dragon was not in its pit - but its eyes - the eyes that had seemed so alive, so full of hatred of the torment of repeated death - were empty, bound. T

It didn't even attack Yi as it died, collapsing pathetically into the streaming river, blood and gold washing downstream.