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(Champion Concept)-Eika (Portal concept)

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Basic idea for Eika is having a champ actually be viable as AD or AP without being over powered, and have an interesting yet complex game play.

Stats- coming soon
Lore- coming soon


Passive: (no name yet)- All of Eika's auto attacks that pass through one of her portals applies a charge to minions and enemy champs. Eika deals additional damage to enemy champs that are currently holding a charge (think Jarvan passive, Eika's will have a CD although not sure if it should be %, flat damage, or scale with AP/AD ratios will have to work that part out).

Q: (no name yet)- Eika fires a fast moving projectile that changes it's property based on any portal it passes through. If an enemy has a charge and Eika fires her Q through the opposite charge of the enemy her Q will become heat seeking (opposites attract) If the enemy has a charge and Eika fires her Q through the same charged portal and hits a target the enemy is knocked back (alike repels). Low cooldown scales with AP (not sure of ratio yet)

W: (no name yet)- Eika opens a Positive portal (think Portal from the Valve game Portal) at target location for 4 seconds (targeting would be very similar to Viktor's Q and Rumble's ult allowing you to change the direction the portal faces) . All of Eikas auto attacks that pass through the portal cause splash damage,this would require Eika to be positioned properly (no ratios yet). Also Eika can fire her Q into the portal, if her other portal is open it will fire out the 2nd portal (any kind of bonus effect has not been worked out). I would like to do more with this, possibly allowing a portal to store her Q by shooting into a single portal stacking and unleashing once she uses the other portal, but that sounds too complex. If both portals are activated Eika can pass through either one and end up at the other portals location (the portals have a low life span so abusing the distance would not be easy or even possible) once Eika passes through a portal she has to wait 2 seconds to pass through another.

E: (no name yet)- Same concept as W i will type it out soon. Instead of doing splash damage all auto attacks passing through this gate will apply a slow. I feel this would be difficult to maintain so the slow % could possibly be fairly high with something like a 2 second duration.

R: (no name yet)- Eika fires a powerful charged shot (think Ezreal's ult full map and all). Eika's ult reacts with her portals, each portal has its own reaction. If Eika fires her ult through her W portal the shot will no longer be full map instead it will instantly fan out in a large radius dealing reduced damaged (not much less though). If Eika fires her ult through her E portal the shot becomes a very focused beam, increasing its missile speed and damage (not sure of ratios yet, down side of this one is you have to be way more accurate, plus side is bonus damage). Eika's ult will scale with AP aswell.

Eika requires great positioning skills to pull off most of her combos. Building her AP would give you a low cooldown nuke (her Q) and massive damage on her ult while building her AD would give her mobility and utility, with very nice poke and clean up sniping with her ult, although difficult to play I feel she would be a great champ.

Ok so my champ needs work I am aware but any feed back would be appreciated.I will be updating this very soon by cleaning up the wording and scaling ratios. I plan to have art work and full stats soon. The lore might come later depending on how liked this champ is.
If you comment on my champ with constructive feed back i most certainly would repay the kindness if you post your champ's link here.

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there are so many things going on with this champion that I don't even know where to start

So I'm getting the vibe of Ezreal with portals that affect her q and auto attacks like jayce's e affects his q?
It seems like getting charges applied on an enemy then getting to the portal of the opposite charge would be extremely difficult, and her kit is very dependant on the complicated mechanic you have with portals. You are pretty much saying "auto attack through this to put a charge on an enemy then move over here and shoot through this so it goes through the other thing to do a special effect on the person straight in front of you" all the while requiring hard-to-use skillshots (directional walls are the hardest to cast, and you're giving her 2 of them) This champ would require way too much skill for the general player base of LoL. Also, is the property of her Q based on the first portal it passes through or the one it comes out of? it seems incredibly clunky and you should probably remove some of the reliance on portals with her q or her auto attack.

it's a neat concept but overly complicated. what if you had the portals both in one skill, like rumble can fire his electro harpoon then fire another one, have it so you fire a +portal then within 5 seconds you can fire a - portal, and gave her a toggle skill that swapped the portal's charges? that way you could set up one portal, auto attack through it, toggle it to the opposite polarity and fire the q through it. then set up your 2nd portal and walk through for the teleport.

What would happen if you had 1 portal in front of the other one and auto attacked through it? would it apply a bonus effect or just both effects?

the last thing I have an issue with is portal positioning during mobile fights. as soon as the enemy moves you'd be unable to reposition the portals. Perhaps make the portals with a 0 cooldown but the ability to teleport through them would have a 10 sec cd?

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Thank you for your input Zarkof. Putting this champ idea on paper is hard, compared to the image i have in my head. I will have to think it through a bit. I do like the idea of a toggle and single key for placing portals. Maybe i could have it so you can place 2 portals before it goes on cool down, if i took away the cool down then you could always have splash damage bonus effect from positive portal.

To defend the complexity of the auto attacks i did come up with, if you place the portal just in front of your champ all your auto attacks would pass through it give you the bonus effect.
I thankful for your input and i will be updating my champ to make is seem less complicated if possible.

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just noticed: Viktor's E is the one you're thinking of

There are 2 directions I can see this concept taking: 1) becoming more of a "charged gate" concept or 2) becoming more of a portal concept without charges.

with regards to the "charged gates": (I will be referring to the portals you have now as "Gates&quot

Perhaps make it so that the gates only affect auto attacks to apply a charge to units around the target instead of a bonus effect, then add the effects into the Q? This would allow you to keep the gates up constantly without having to worry about permaslow or splash damage as it would only apply on the Q.

Perhaps rework the "opposites attract" homing effect into something more reliable? Like, when Q is fired with an charge opposite to the one on the enemies it splits for less damage but hits multiple targets?

Think about combining the "splash damage" or "slow" into Q when it goes through the gate instead of the auto attacks, but still having the autos apply the charges that affect the Q.

You could set up a -- gate, auto attack through it to apply -- charge to units, then shoot Q through it. Q would gain the -- charge and the slow effect. Upon hitting a -- charged target it would slow and knockback only that target

Or, you could set up the -- gate, auto attack through it to apply the -- charge to a unit, then toggle the gate to + and fire the Q through it, granting it the + charge and AoE damage, splitting into separate homing missiles that each deal splash damage, creating a larger AoE for a bit more damage with no utility.

Extending the list of combos further, set up + gate, apply a + charge to units, then fire Q through it for the + charged AoE effect, doing AoE damage and a small AoE knockback to all targets with the + charge, like Tristana's Ult but less knockback, perhaps

And setting up the + gate, applying + charge to units, then toggling it to -- and firing Q through it to apply a slow to all the charged enemies for less damage but more utility.

This would still keep the "auto attack through portals for charges" and "apply effects based on portal" mechanics and give the kit more simplicity but keep its versatility.

Perhaps with this focus you wouldn't need to have 2 portals up at a time. W could be both skills in one, setting up a -- gate first then reactivate it to remove that gate and set a + gate. This could allow you the cast mechanic to be akin to Anivia's wall, Karth's wall, and Jayce's Acceleration gate making it simpler to cast. This could also allow for a new E skill.


with regards to the "portals":

I still have a problem though with firing Q through one portal and having it come out the other. It would be extremely difficult to set up and aim even with smartcast, IMO.

I'm still trying to think of how to keep your portal/charge mechanic work together. You'd have to either scrap the charge mechanic or scrap the portal mechanic, and I'm not sure which one you want to do.

edit: apparently some guy already had pretty much the exact same charge mechanic that I just discussed so.... meh.