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Why do we have supports?

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JJ Unbreakable

Senior Member



1) Why, if a character has a support skill (eg heal or shield), are they expected to have no offense or defense from mid game onwards? Tanks like Cho or Amumu put out insane disruption and still have solid damage and high defense, but disrupting supports like lulu and janna have almost no offense or defense.

Janna is a backline support. Her kit lets her be useful without blocking hits with her face. Lulu has a shield, slow and AoE ult. Supports are not tanks. They are not designed to block attacks with their face.
Janna and Cho can disrupt but Janna also can shield (which also increases damage) players or turrets. Janna also has a heal.
Amumu has a stun and an AoE ult. Lulu can increase a player's dps, reveal an enemy, and has a slow. And she has an AoE ult.
Supports bring something completely different to the game.


2) Using a support skill at the right time is fun - eg Kayle's ulti - but why does that mean that using support skills is the only contribution a champion can effectively make to the game? I am genuinely struggling with why a support should 'only' do supporty things.

Are you struggling with why Tryndamere should only autoattack? Carries kill things, Tanks tank things and Supports support things.


3) Why is 'support' considered a champion archetype when each support is so diverse (compare 'alistair' to 'lux' in what they do). It is easy to identify and AD carry or a Tank - they are clearly designed that way. Support doesnt seem to have an identity, just a role in the meta.

Support's kit revolves around utility. They stand out by being able to work well with other champions. They have abilities designed to be used with friendly units.
Alistar's ult soaks damage for his team. He can headbutt someone to or away from his team. Alistar is rarely likely to use his ultimate as a damage source for killing things.
Lulu's Pix deals extra damage when attacked to someone on her team. She has a slow so her team can catch up to the enemy. Her ult targets someone on her team.


4) Why do we have 4 gold flows in a 5v5 game, demoting one champion to much weaker state than the other 4 (gold items dont solve this, because they significantly lower a champion's power for most of the game)

Supports don't need gold to be useful. Sona has a heal, a movespeed aura, a damage aura, a movespeed buff, an AoE stun, she doesn't need items. She doesn't need 200 AP because she does just fine without it.