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xO Gaming Weekly Tournament (Also need casters)

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Tournament starts Monday December 3, 2012 at 5PM PST (8PM EST)
Link to tournament rules and signup: http://www.z33k.com/games/league-of-legends/tournaments/9539-xo-gaming-weekly-1

xO Gaming is starting a weekly tournament series across a variety of games. One of the initial games we are having a tournament in is LoL. We want to see if teams and the community want to have another outlet to get amateur tournaments to compete and watch. Currently there are no prizes, but if there is enough interest we will look to do this in the future.

Also at least 1 game each round will be streamed on our LoL stream page: twitch.tv/xOLoL1 (http://twitch.tv/xOLoL1)


If any of you are interested in casting this event send an email to me at [email]xOPhenom@gmail.com[/email]. We need at least 1 set of casters for this tournament, and we will need more for the series moving on. Casting teams are prefered, but single casters should email me as well (we will see if we can get you with another solo for future tournaments). Also if you have any examples of your casting that you can include that is also prefered but not required (games do not have to be from a tournament. If you want to spectate a random game and cast it then send me a link that is also acceptable. Please upload it to youtube and send me the link).

When you E-Mail me send me the following information:

IGN of each caster:
Contact where you are easily reached (Email, Skype, ect.):
EXP casting:
EXP playing:
Why you want to cast our tournament:
Anything else you think we should know:

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