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[Suggestion] Ability to set default item slot for items with active abilities

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I ALWAYS put my wards in slot 6 (which I have keyed to smartcast using "T&quot. Similarly, if I have health potions they go in slot 2, mana potions in slot 3, shureliya in lot 1, iron solari in slot 4, etc.

It would be really nice if I could set auto-assignments instead of having to manually drag them around and risk activating by accident (made harder because I run with my HUD at less than 1/4 size). Also much better when I buy during a major engagement since if I don't have time to move them I can trip the wrong thing or fail to trip at all (trying to activate my merc treads makes me look stupid).

Please add an option where you can designate default item slot positions for items with actives to occupy, so they go there automatically when bought or completed in the shop.

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Riot pls