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[Event Story] League of Legends: The Coming Storm

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Hello, I'm Wulffe! This is my first time posting over on this side of the forum. I usually stick to the Player Concepts. However, I am a little bit of a writer and am currently working on a project that is going to be backed by the following story. I have about 7 chapters thought out for it.

It will have most (if not all) current champions in it, even if only mentioned. However the story follows a created champion, Tempest Swain, who has escaped from her imprisonment beneath the Institute of War only to begin raging war across Runeterra. How'd she escape and why is she on the rampage? Well, I guess you'll have to read on to find out what's behind The Coming Storm.

The full event idea can be found here (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=31869274).

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League of Legends: The Coming Storm
By C. Wulffe

Part I: Split Decision

It just past afternoon in Noxus though with the weather it might have been in the dead of night. Rain had been hammering the city-state since early that morning. Such strange weather was not uncommon in this area. The difference this time was that the citizens, even the Noxian High Command, could felt something shifting inside of their walls.

The High Command had dismissed any possibilities of their rival nations influencing this. After all Noxus and the other city-states were under the protection and guidance of the Institute of War with any and all battles to be fought upon the Fields of Justice. The Grand General, with a few of his generals, felt as if they had walked into an enemy’s trap and anxiously waited for the ambush. So within the War Room the generals waited, sitting around a carved map of Runeterra.

The anticipated alarm sounded a few hours later. The Grand General lifted his head and looked at the generals that had gathered around him. He gave them a slight nod, the signal for them to act. They filed out of the room with their High General staying behind and toying with the piece of the map that sat as the symbol for Noxus.

Just beyond the entrance to their keep the guardsmen were patrolling their usual rounds. The rain pelted them mercilessly as lightning briefly lit dark stone. Despite their training the men could feel chills rolling down their spine. One of the guards felt the chill of death growing colder as he wound the exterior of the castle. He waved his lantern over the ledge as if trying to spot the origins of the unearthly sensation that haunted him. He turned away from the edge and stared deeply into the shadows of an abandoned doorway. Lightning flashed revealing the presence of a beautiful face.

Before the guardsman could say anything a clawed hand reached from the darkness and wrapped around his throat. Taking a few steps forward she easily tossed the man into the ravine below. On the other side of the embankment she heard two more guards being dispatched. From either side of the dimly lit doorway came two faces that should never have been in the heart of Noxus.

“Sejuani,” said the first, her dress and decrepit wings fluttering in the wind.
“Morganna,” said her colleague above her boar’s grunting.
“I believe there is a party inside, shall we join them?” Morganna grinned.
“Indeed,” Sejuani said hesitantly, unwilling to trust her ally.

With little effort Sejuani commanded Bristle to barrel through the door, splintering the thick wood as if were straw. Inside the main hall they found themselves in the midst of a battle being masked by the ferocity of the rain and wind outside. Both Morganna and Sejuani found themselves fighting alongside allies they have only shared the Fields of Justice with. Each of them had been promised something in return for their services, for their allegiance and with the Institute of War limiting just that, they had each decided that this was definitely the more rewarding route.

The large, undead man heard shouts come from the other side followed by the arrival of one of his old colleagues. He grunted at the man who was part machine, part something else entirely. With little effort the two barreled through the wood and iron doors that led into the main hall of the High Command. Together they entered the fray that was already unfolding inside.

It was a strange and unexpected sight for both sides of the conflict. Each of the invaders had been promised something more than what they could have ever achieved within the restraints of the Institute of War. Although each had been promised something different in return for their service, their allegiance, and some needed more convincing than others, there they were banded together fighting for a cause that was not their own and for the rewards that potentially be bestowed upon them. Such is what bonded the strange force that comprised of the two that had just entered, Diana and Syndra and those that had taken the fight further inside.

In the central corridor Darius was now fighting a foe he had never expected to be facing in the Noxian halls. He had ran into the intruder at this spot some time ago and has since been trading blows with the relentless Renekton. The two clashed, leapt back and then clashed again. Axe to blade, the two butted heads.

“How did you get here, serpent?” Darius roared.
“The same way you will be leaving this place,” Renekton snapped at his opponent. “Through the bowels.”

Darius pushed against his foe, toppling the surprised Renekton. As he landed on his back Darius was readying the killing blow. Before he could deliver something sharp dug into his side, causing him to fall to one knee. He pulled out the blade and growled in recognition. As he lifted up to confront the new arrival he only met the wall after being slammed into it. As Darius fell unconscious his last sight was watching Renekton flee further into the castle with Sion and Urgot following at his heels.

Some time later the battle had moved far from the main room where three figures emerged. They gracefully navigated through main hall and corridors, passing over the fallen. One of them muttered prayers under his breath as the one on the far side tallied their casualties. They passed over several recognizable faces that groaned and twitched in agony or were all but on death’s doorstep. After several minutes they arrived at the archway that led into the High Command’s war room. They sat outside for a few moments as they listened to the voices coming from the room.

“What an odd force we have here,” came the Grand General’s monotone voice. “Diana, Heretic of the Solari. Renekton, the corrupted Gatekeeper. Morganna, exile of a far world. Sejuani, I can understand and Syndra, seeking more power. Sion and Urgot, I can truly say that I am surprised with you. You both served Noxus in life, only to betray it in death?”
“We still serve,” came Sion’s dulling boom.
“Oh, do you?” Swain mused. “How is killing your comrades and murdering your generals lead to serving?”

As he spoke the large doors creaked open. Two of the ones that had been escorting their leader emerged. Swain raised a brow in recognizing these two as well. One was a self-exiled general, an old friend of his. The other was a young and well respected officer of the High Command. At the sight of the two it finally dawned on him, only to be confirmed as the third person took her place between them.

“I expected this day would come but not this soon,” Swain sighed. “Hello, Tempest.”

“Hello, Father. Have you kept my seat warm?”

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Part II: Ashes To Ashes

Several Years Ago…

The young sorceress grinned from ear to ear as she sat outside the High Command war room. Though she was not privileged enough to sit in on such things, she still knew the details of what was going on behind the large wooden doors that separated her from the group inside. Of course she knew, it was her deeds they were discussing, even if they did not know it.

Tempest rolled a gem between her hands, occasionally pinching it between her thumb and forefinger. It sparked at her touch and more than once she caught herself being drawn to the malevolent energies inside. It was a strange trinket, one she had conjured herself. It served no purpose other than to provide her entertainment, especially in moments like this.

Suddenly the doors swung open and men began pouring out in twos and threes. Baron von Wulffe looked over at Tempest, giving the girl a nod before following the crowd. Tempest stared after them as she stepped into the war room, making sure none of them were lingering behind. Waving her hands, the doors slammed shut behind her.

Her father was bent over a large, hand carved map of Runeterra where he was studying the land between the markers that designated Demacia and Noxus. He remained quiet as she took one of his general’s seats, leaning against one arm and putting her legs over the other. She continued rolling the gem in her hands, waiting to be addressed by her father. And as always the raven constantly stared at her as they saw in silence, it clicking it’s beak at her while she made faces at it.

“I commend you, Tempest,” Swain’s voice broke the silence, interrupting the mocking contest between his raven and his daughter. “You have done exceptionally well.”
“I aim to please, father,” she grinned at him while playing with her gem.
“The delegate, General Du Conteau, even High General Boram Darkwill,” he said as he continued peering at the map. “All professionally taken care of. No traces of your involvement.”
“I was taught by the best, father,” she responded, staring at her gem.
“So you have,” he said empathically. “So you have.”

They returned to silence, with only the raven’s occasional squawks and clicking being the only noise between them. Tempest sat there, reminiscing of the events that he had mentioned. To her they were nothing more than fun and games, not meant to be taken seriously. She just happened to be good at it.

General Du Conteau had been her easiness mark. First she had cloaked him from view of the ones that were meant to follow him. As soon as they left, he disappeared entirely. She wondered if his body would ever resurface from where she left it. Then, of course, there was the delegate that needed to be dealt with. Getting to him was a bit more difficult. It was fortunate that General Darkwill had been around when he had. Or at least his stolen carriage was.

Then there was Boram Darkwill himself, she grinned at the thought. He was by far her most challenging objective yet. Not only did he need to go but so did his platoon of his personal guards. The joy she had experienced, dispatching those men two, three, four at a time. Only having Darkwill stare at her with his cold, aged eyes and seeing that he knew that not only had his time come but a greater Noxus would soon be taking his place.

“I have another task for you,” Swain’s voice interrupted her thoughts. “I do believe you like this one.”
“Oh?” she said as she sat up. “Do tell.”

Swain reached inside of his robes and pulled out a rolled up parchment. As if on queue the raven took hold of the orders and flew them over to Tempest who eagerly snatched the parchment out of the air. She unrolled the paper, scanning over the written descriptions. She quickly rolled it back up and threw it in the closest brazier.

“You want witnesses this time?” she said with a grin. “I can do that.”
“Good,” he said as he returned to his map. “I’ll see you in Kalamanda.”


It has been a few days since the Noxian forces arrived in full and set up camp at Kalamanda. Of course the Demacian army had already entrenched themselves on the other side of the town. Both leaders had taken it upon themselves to head the patrols around their camps, occasionally spotting each other along their routes. Such was the routine between them.

However, there was something different in the air today. Swain disregarded the feeling as he walked the perimeter between the two camps. He stopped as he normally did, waiting for his adversary to come into view. Instead several watchmen had been posted around their camp.

“Ready when you are,” he whispered.
“Just waiting for the guards to look this way,” came the disembodied voice of his daughter.

After a few moments a couple of the guards noticed Swain, standing beside rock pile that sat like an island between the two camps. Just as they did so Jarvan IV leapt from the top of rock pile and attacked his rival leader. The guards panicked for a moment before sounding the alarm. In response, the Noxian forces did the same. Before they knew it both sides were rushing on to the battlefield.

“Good show, Tempest,” Swain spoke to Jarvan. “You may retreat as soon as they come in close.”
“I’ll do that, father,” she said as she swung Jarvan’s weapon around her. “Where is the rendezvous spot?”
“On the edge of Kalamanda,” he said as he gracefully leapt away from her. “Near the summoner nexus.”
“See you there,” she grinned as she stepped back from her father and into the swelling crowd of clashing warriors.

Tempest emerged a few moments later, watching the battlefield from afar. She rolled the gem between her fingers as she watched the chaos blossom from a small skirmish to full blown war. It amused her to some extent but it just wasn’t the same as it was without the use of siege equipment or even magic. ‘Steel and slugs’ warfare is what High Command called such a fight. ‘Boring’ is what Tempest titled it.

Suddenly the world before her froze as if it sat in a still frame. Not knowing what was going on Tempest tried to move towards the field though she found that she too remained stuck in place. It was then that she noticed movement out of the corner of her eye. A man, garbed in a hooded robe stepped in front of her with an orb in hand.

“Tempest Swain,” he said in an unearthly tone.
“The daughter of Jericho?” spoke a second man. “What is she doing here?”
“Not only is she here but she is also aware,” said the first man.
“That’s not possible,” the second man trailed off.
“Not only that,” continued the first guy. “The energy around her matches the samples pulled from some of our most recent investigations.”
“You surely can’t mean…”
“Yes, I mean those. All of them.”
“All of them? Did she act alone or was she acting by Jericho’s will?”
“I do not but we shall soon find out.”

Tempest was well aware of what was happening around her as she watched the arrival of hundreds of summoners. Slowly the battlefield was picked clean of soldiers, lastly she saw her father, as well as some of Demacia’s generals being brought through the gateway in which she was forced to follow. She was still in stasis when they sat her in a room, surrounded by the most powerful of summoners. In the middle of the room sat her father and Jarvan III.

My father will save me she told herself as he came into view. He and Jarvan looked in her direction as the prisoner was dragged into the room. The elder man looked confused as her father bore the same expressionless guise. Jarvan III turned to the summoners that were residing directly over the negotiations.

“What is this?” Jarvan III raised his brow. “Who is this girl? It is a girl, isn’t she?”
“This, King Jarvan of Demacia,” said the elder summoner above them. “Is Tempest Swain, daughter to High General Jericho Swain.”
“I didn’t know you had a wife, much less a child, Jericho,” the king said as he sat back in his chair. “But what is the relevance here?”
“Gentlemen, we are now proceeding to the trial of one Tempest Swain. What happens here is to stay in these chambers. They will be recorded by our Archivists but the world does not need to know the truth about some matters.”
“The truth? What truth? What are you talking about?” asked the king as he leaned forward, looking at the summoners.
“Tempest Swain is charged with the murder of High General Goram Darkwill and the disappearance of General Du Conteau,” spoke one of the summoners nearest to Tempest.
“Noxian affairs. I don’t see why I must stay if that’s the case,” interrupted the king.
“As well as the countless murders and disappearances of numerous Noxian and Demacian officials,” the summoner continued. “Not to mention the impersonation of Prince Jarvan IV at the battle of Kalamanda.”

King Jarvan sat back in his chair, dumbfounded by what he had just learned. All at once the king doubled back, slamming his fist on the table. He pointed a finger at his adversary. Swain only stared back at him.

“This is all of your doing!” the King roared.
“There is no proof that Swain was behind any of this,” spoke the summoner. “From where it rests, it appears Tempest was acting of her own accord to solidify a place in the Noxian High Command. Most of her targets were a threat to her, not to him.”
“He better hope that’s the case,” spoke the king as sat back once more. “Or I’d say that war might be waiting for Noxus by the time he returns home.”
“The only connection I have with this girl is of blood,” Swain responded coldly. “I know nothing pertaining to the accused.”

Tempest wanted to scream. She felt the stasis cell trembling around her. The two summoners that had been escorting her turned to face their captive. As they did that so did her father across the room. She could tell from the look in his eyes that this was his plan all along. Somewhere down the line the greatest threat to his ascension was her. Acknowledging her defeat and her father’s betrayal, Tempest’s rage faded and left behind nothing more than a trapped prisoner.

“I highly doubt that,” the King finally spoke up. “I wish a more thorough investigation behind these events.”
“Agreed,” spoke the summoner above the men. “In the meantime Tempest is to remain imprisoned beneath the Institute pending the results of our investigation. “Gentlemen, you are dismissed.”

The last sight Tempest remembers was her father staring at her while she was carried into the darkness. She promised herself that one day she would emerge and extract her vengeance upon him, upon the Institute and all of Runeterra.


Modern Day Runeterra

“How do we free her?” a voice reverberated through the darkness.
“Have you tried using the stone?” a male’s voice echoed alongside of it.
“Yes, I even killed the summoner to see if he was the key.”
“I know you did.”
“We should have brought someone familiar with these things.”
“I don’t know about you but I’m not acquainted with anyone familiar with this magic.”
“You’re right. Maybe I should have kept that summoner alive.”
“Hindsight is a pain in the arse, isn’t it?”
“Speaking of pains, we should….wait, do you feel that?”

The voices, they belonged to actual people. People that now stood an arm’s length away from her in her stasis imprisonment. Then her eyes came to and she was looking at two familiar faces, both of which had no idea she could see them. They did, however, notice something changed. Seeing them encouraged Tempest to push out, push away from her bindings. The more she attempted to free herself the more the stasis field around her shook. It began to shake violently until the field shattered like glass around her.

Tempest burst through her binding, landing on the ground in a coughing fit. The two immediately went to her side. Though grateful that they were there, Tempest shrugged them off as she attempted to stand up. She stood up only to have them catch her when she fell over.

“Baron von Wulffe,” Tempest said through haggard breaths. “And…the girl from the Fleshing?”
“Brynhildr,” she armored girl nodded. “And we should move, then get acquainted.”
“Smart girl,” Wulffe spoke as he helped Tempest upright.

With a nod, the three were off and racing through the catacombs of the Institute of War. They had passed the cells of many people and creatures that remained in extended animation like she had. She could tell that some of the entities were ancient and powerful. The keeper was nowhere to be seen, even when they exited.

“The warden is Thadeus, an elf,” Baron von Wulffe said as they hurried past his chambers. “He’s tending the third tier today, that’s why we haven’t ran into him.”
“An elf? I thought they were extinct in Runeterra,” Tempest looked at him.
“They are. He’s the last of their kind, saved only by his duties to tending the creatures here. The Institute found his old fortress a few years back and moved him and his captives here so that he can look after people and things well…”
“Like you,” Brynhildr interrupted him and calling for a quick stop. “Here. You might find these of interest.”

Tempest stepped inside the room whose walls were lined with the strange orbs that the summoners carried with them. However those were not what caught her attention. As soon as she entered the room she felt as if something was calling for her. It did not take her long to discover what it was as sitting in the middle of the room was a large brazier with glowing white crystals inside. As she picked one up the orbs along the walls began to flicker and dim.

“Interesting,” she said as she looked around. “It seems these gemstones influence the summoner magic within the orbs.”
“Shall we grab some?” Brynhildr asked as she stepped into the room.
“Some?” Wulffe grinned. “Let’s grab as many as we can. With the enemies we‘ve made here these will be more than useful.”

As the gathered the crystals Tempest’s eyes caught something in the corner of the room. The large orb flickered to life as she grew close. She got caught up in the vision, watching the group of combatants face off in an arena. She stroked the glass surface of the arcane receiver. The images that filled her mind caused a wicked smirk to spread across her face.

“It seems I’ve been gone for some time,” she whispered.
“It’s been a few years,” Baron spoke up.
“I’m going to need more than just the help of you and Brynhildr,” she said as she looked into the receiver. “And I know just where to recruit from.”

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(From here on out it'll be more or less just the plotline I have jotted down until I get each chapter finished.)

Part III: The Brewing Storm

A little insert:

“I see this place hasn’t changed in my absence. It’s as drab as ever.”
Tempest is face to face with her father. She explains why she has come and that she wishes to bring Noxus back up to its former glory.
She then explains how she managed to acquire the assistance of the various people around him.
Swain is expressionless though applauds her, she is all he could have hoped for in a legacy, however she still had to prove herself his better or his equal.
As he finishes a shadow appears behind Tempest though she was waiting for Talon and Katarina.
The rest of the room takes up arms, preparing to fight.
Before they can do anything, Darius and Draven rush in the room, pushing everyone aside as Kat and Talon disappear with Swain.
Renekton and Sej are about to charge after them when Tempest tells them to stop because Noxus was already her’s.
“Now, let us do a little redecorating before the storm is unleashed. Tomorrow the true war begins.”

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Part IV: Breaking the Chains

Tempest has a throne room installed to overlook the entry way where she sits and waits.
She speaks to Brynhildr and von Wulffe about her plans.
It doesn’t take long before the castle is besieged by magic. Summoners begin appearing and trapping the generals in stasis fields.
Champions are summoned in as well for protection.
Tempest laughs maniacally as she watches the show.
Just as the last of her allies below are frozen, a summoner commands her to surrender.
Again, she just laughs. “I believe it is you that should surrender, summoner. You are still outnumbered.”
The summoner calls her mad and foolish, she rubs a jewel around her neck. Slowly her allies return to life thanks to the crystals she provided.
Singed, Warwick, Cho’Gath, Kha‘zix, Shaco, Zyra immediately switch sides as they were given crystals as well.
The summoners and champions are pushed out of Noxus.
With a victorious grin, Tempest gives the order to prepare the armies for war. The world now knows that Noxus is back and more powerful than ever.

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Part V: A World Asunder

Main battle at Kalamanda begins between the Loyalists, Allied forces and the Blood of Noxus.
War greets every city in Valoran.
Sejuani is given a force to fight alongside her tribe to bombard Ashe’s and Tryndamere’s settlement.
Diana is given her own acolytes and now fight both the Rakkari and Solari with her Lunari’s.
Warwick, Syndra and Brynhildr are invading Ionia.
Singed is leading a detachment against Piltover from Zaun.
Gangplank, Nautilus and Graves are fighting to take control of Bilgewater against Twisted Fate and Miss Fortune.
Veigar is keeping Bandle City on its knees with lots and lots and lots of minions.
It appears Noxus is winning.

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Part VI: The Gates of Hell

Tempest, Renekton, Morganna and the Shadow Isles allies are assaulting the Institute of War.
Somehow they are pushed back.
While they retreat Tempest tells her generals to spread the word to fall back to High Command as they need to prepare for a counter attack.
Allied Forces and Loyalists chase them back to the walls of Noxus where Tempest and her troops have settled inside, waiting for the siege to begin.

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Part VII: The Conqueror, Conquered

Swain and his Loyalists seize control of Noxus after battling the remnants of the Blood of Noxus.
After being defeated, Swain and her allies are about to be executed when several Summoners show up.
Thinking that they were there to do the honors themselves, Tempest readies herself for a last stand.
Surprisingly to everyone, the Summoners bind her to their code, inevitably forcing her to participate in the League.
Swain is furious but does not argue with them, allowing the Summoners to take her away along with the rest of their "possessions".
Swain turns to face the others, Talon and Katarina glaring at him. He looks up and tells them that they'll all be summoned soon so they need to begin repairs immediately.
Tempest looks at the back of her father and grins, telling him she'll have her vengeance.