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Kandule, The Never Ending 2.0

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I have decided to cancel this champion. I will be using parts of him to create another champion in the future.

Although this champion is extremely rough, if Riot wishes to pick this idea up, I will gladly relinquish my rights to him.
After reviewing the last version of Kandule, I feel that he may be a little (haha) overpowered. As a result I have completely redone the way Kandule works. Hopefully this Kandule will be a little better. Here is a link to the original Kandule.

Also here is a link to all the other champions I have made http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=2845229

Kandule- The Never Ending

-Gender: Unknown
-Race: Unknown
-Origin: Unknown
-Alliance: Evil
-Class: AP Carry / Support
-Subclass: Support/ Assassin
-Weapon: Energy Blast
-Attack Type: Ranged
-Energy Source: Mana

Kandule is based on the concept that he can transform when he dies. Though his physical form doesn't change much, he becomes a completely different champion. He goes from being a support champion to an AP Assassin.

Passive (Never Ending Cycle) When ever Kandule dies, he can choose to change form once he respawns. In his basic form, he gains +20% mana regen. In Chaos Form, he gains +10% damage and he switches to his second skill set.

Regular Skill Set

Q(Maddening Strike) Kandule blast his target for 50/60/70/80/90 +0.25 AP magic damage. Nearby Allied Champions deal 5%(+ 1% per 100 AP) extra damage for the next 2 seconds

-Type (Damage)
-Amount (50/60/70/80/90 +0.25 AP magic damage)
-Buff/Debuff Type (Damage Increase)
-Buff/Debuff Value (5% + 1% per 100 AP)
-Duration (2 seconds)
-Range (600)
-Cost (50/55/60/65/70 mana)
-Cooldown (5 seconds)
-Target Type (Enemy)

W(Failing Sanity) Passive: Allies near Kandule become frenzied, increasing their Attack Speed by 4/8/12/16/20 %.

-Type (Passive Aura)
-Amount (N/A)
-Buff/Debuff Type (Increased Attack Speed)
-Buff/Debuff Value (4/8/12/16/20%)
-Duration (N/A)
-Range (600)
-Cost (N/A)
-Cooldown (N/A)
-Target Type (Self and Allies in range)

E(Frenzied Explosion) Kandule deals 100/120/140/160/180 +0.5 AP magic damage in a small area. Also knocks target in the air for 2 seconds

-Type (Target Area Damage)
-Amount (100/120/140/160/180 +0.5 AP magic damage.)
-Buff/Debuff Type (Knock up)
-Buff/Debuff Value (N/A)
-Duration (2 seconds)
-Range (600)
-Cost (70/80/90/100/110)
-Cooldown (25 seconds)
-Target Type (Enemies)

R(Storm of Psychosis) When toggled on, enemy champions within a range of 600 have their armor and magic resistance reduced by 10% (+5% per 100 AP). They are slowed for 30% for as long as they are in this aura.

-Type (Toggled Aura)
-Amount (N/A)
-Buff/Debuff Type (Armor/Magic Resist/ Move speed reduction)
-Buff/Debuff Value: 10% (+5% per 100 AP) armor and magic resist reduction and 20% move speed reduction.
-Duration (N/A)
-Range (600)
-Cost (2.5% mana per second initially + 2.5% per second active)
-Cooldown: 60 seconds
-Target Type: Enemies

Chaos Form Skill Set

Q (Psychotic Volley) Kandule fires off a volley of 1 beam per second for 1/2/3/4/5 seconds of chaotic energy from his hands. These beams seek out the champion with the lowest amount of health in front of Kandule and deal 7% of there health as magic damage. If the enemy runs out of range, the volley automatically switches to a different champion within this range. If no champion is within this range for the final volley, the cooldown is cut in half.

-Type (Area Damage)
-Amount (7% health as damage)
-Buff/Debuff Type (N/A)
-Buff/Debuff Value (N/A)
-Duration (1/2/3/4/5 seconds)
-Range (600)
-Cost (80/95/110/125/140 mana)
-Cooldown (20 seconds)
-Target Type (Enemy Champions)
-If no champion is in range of the final Volley, the cooldown is cut in half.

W (Madness) Target enemy champion goes into a psychotic state. Their damage is reduced by 30 % forcing them to attack the nearest friendly target within a range of 600 for the next 4 seconds. Champions are the first priority target for champion hit by Madness.

-Type (Special Debuff)
-Amount: (N/A)
-Buff/Debuff Type (Special and Damage reduction)
-Buff/Debuff Value (30% damage reduction)
-Duration (4 seconds)
-Range (600)
-Radius of Target Choice (600)
-Cost (80/105/130/155/180 mana)
-Cooldown (70/60/50/40/30 seconds)
-Target Type (Enemy Champion)

E(Death's Wail) Target Enemy Champion takes 100/125/150/175/200 +0.75 AP magic damage and his slowed by 40%

-Type: Target Damage and Debuff
-Amount (100/125/150/175/200 +0.75 AP Magic Damage)
-Buff/Debuff Type (Move Speed debuff)
-Buff/Debuff Value (40%)
-Duration (2 Seconds)
-Range (600)
-Cost (80/90/100/110/120 mana)
-Cooldown (10 seconds)
-Target Type (Enemy Champions)

R (Life Ending Blast) Deals 200/300/400 +0.5 AP magic damage to target enemy. If this enemy is at, or would be reduced to 7% or less of their health by this blast, they are instantly killed.

-Type (Execute)
-Amount (200/300/400 +0.5 AP Magic damage)
-Buff/Debuff Type (N/A)
-Buff/Debuff Value (N/A)
-Duration (N/A)
-Range (600)
-Cost (120/150/180 mana)
-Cooldown (120 seconds)
-Target Type (Enemy Champions)
- If the target champion has, or would be lowered to, less than 7% of their health, they are instantly killed.

{Base Stats}

-Base Health 380 (+70 per level)
-Base Mana 240 (+60 per level)
-Base Attack Damage 54 (+3.1 per level)
-Base Attack Speed 0.652 (+2.35% per level)
-Attack Range (600)
-Base Armor 14 (+3.1 per level)
-Magic Resistance 30 (+0 per level)
-Movement Speed 340

{Appearance} Core.

-Height: 8’4”
-Physical Build: Thick built
-Hair style and color: N/A
-Eye color: Radioactive Green glow with small arcs of red lightning arcing around where the face usually is (arcs are only present during Chaos Form)
-Weapons: None
-Attire: A loose hooded robe that shrouds his face in darkness
-Other: Dark Green vines emerge where the mouth should be, these vines move like tentacles. His hands are the only other visible part of his body. They are the same color as the vines. His hands are engulfed in purple fire, which he shoots from his hands as his auto attack.

Skin: Sir Kandulu
Kandule’s face is revealed. His eyes are like that of a fly and his nose is merely a pair of narrow slits going from 2 inches below the lower center of his eyes to about 1 inch above the center of his vine mouth. Basically, this skin is a tribute to Lord Cthulu, the Inspiration behind this champion. Red Lightning Arcs present during Chaos Form.


For hundreds of years men have told legends of a horrible creature lurking in the deepest darkest parts of the lands south of the great barrier. He is supposed to be a terrible monster that can drive a man insane just by looking at them. Many great warriors have ventured to the ends of the world hoping to find this creature and bring back its head as a trophy. Only a few have ever survived long enough to even find this dangerous monster and even fewer have survived the encounter. Only one person has ever returned from this encounter alive, A powerful Demacian warrior whose name was Karad the Defender. But when Karad returned, he had become a twisted monster of a man. Today that man is known as Shaco, the Demon Jester. One day, Kandule appeared at the League of Legends in front of Shaco, Darius and one of the League of Legends administrators. When Shaco saw the hooded figure Darius saw a look of terror shoot across Shaco’s face before he vanished in a puff of orange smoke. Kandule demanded that he be allowed to join the League of Legends. The Administrator was about to answer no, but Darius managed to convince the Administrator to let Kandule join simply because he was curious as to what manner of creature could reduce Shaco to a frightened child.


-Champion Selection
-“All will end in Chaos.”
-Movement Quotes
-“The Never Ending approaches.”
-“The hour is coming”
-Attacking Quotes
-"You will end, I will not."
-(Regular Mode)- In regular mode his voice is a disembodied hiss
-Q Use ("Your strength will be ours&quot
-W Use ("Your pain empowers me&quot
-E Use ("Even the ground turns against you&quot
-R Use ("Time weakens you&quot
(Chaos Mode)- In Chaos mode, his voice becomes and echoing roar
-Q Use ("Your end is now!&quot
-W Use ("Madness consumes you!&quot
-E Use (A high pitch screech is emitted)
-R Use ("The Clock strikes midnight!&quot
-“I smell your fear.”
-“Your time has come.”
-“What do you mean I have something on my face?”
-“Your end will come soon enough.”

Tips for fighting Kandule
-Kandule can be a very tricky character to play because he can be both a support character and an AP Burst depending on which form he takes.
-Using Madness on characters such as Master Yi while he has his ultimate on can cause serious damage to the enemy team, keep champions like Yi away from Kandule if you can. As Madness works with basic attacks, Casters can be a good counter for this.

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I really need some help on this guy, as he is very difficult to handle.

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Lyria Eternal

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Alright, Flames of Terror here, Concept Advisor for the CCF Council. Of course all statements made are my own thoughts and opinions on this. Let's begin.


To start your lore is simple, short and direct. An easy path of a story that can be brought in any direction. However, I feel that it lacks a certain push to the tale that leaves holes that only bring more questions. A terrible creature that can drive people to madness and death? I can half see why it could create a support, but also not. However here I will move on towards a key problem I see with your design.


Your switch mechanic isn't going to draw attention in a positive light. People don't want to die to change how they work with a character. From your words he would start as an AP support, and only after he commits suicide or dies can he take a burst caster form. Death isn't supposed to be rewarded in anyway. This is why stacks, buffs, and procs fade upon death.

Now I'm not sure what you will decide to do if you decide to edit your change style, but I'm sure it will be much different.


Abilities are a whole nother pickle of a problem. Going with your lore he should use fears, illusions, and taunts to aid his foes in combat, and when he switches they become less utility and more combiny. Neither of these do I really see.

Taking the support abilities alone they don't follow the ideas I mentioned above. % max life, AS and Damage increases, finally MR and AR reduction in an aura? It's not touching me.

Looking at the caster abilities they have a bit more combiny feel, but the rotation has only one outputting format. E-Q-W-R. The Q doesn't have the feeling of a bursty move either. Almost all Burst mages increase their ability to rapid cast as they increase in level. While this caster reduces it's cds as well the cooldowns are far too long. No one would ever want to use this mode because it would be down for a very long time.


I'm not you. I won't pretend to tell you the way to build this concept as it's yours. I've told you through my experience what is wrong and unbalanced, and it's your decision on how you want to use it.


I hope you take everything with a grain of salt. The concept has a long way to go, and is indeed "rough". I think my words will give you some food for thought, and perhaps spur some creative insight.

If you require aid for anything you can find aids on the CCF Council thread.

Your's in fellowship,

Flames of Terror

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Thank you flames for being honest. It's exactly what I needed. I have decided to scrap this champion and combine his abilities with another one of my scrapped champions (Nadukaya) to make a new champion.

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Lyria Eternal

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Honesty is something you can always count on when you request a review from me.