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Ranked sucks...

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A lot of times you find games where you are the reason your team won correct? Nearly everytime I ask my friends who are a higher elo than me (high platinum and a couple diamonds) what I could do in a game (I show them a replay basically.) Most of the time their response is, you did not carry hard enough. Now this is easier to do with some champs than others, hence you have won quite a bit with vayne. Carrying isnt just kill everyone in a teamfight or things like that. Here's an example: let us say that your team gets an amumu and you are mid. But amumu is not a great player, he does know however how to ult and who to bandage etc, he just played badly basically. You see the amumu pick and you use knowledge that you've learned and play zyra or karthus, both of whom can carry a late game teamfight given the proper team comp. If he gets one good ult and you have been csing well, even if your team feeds you can carry the teamfight just from the one ult on amumu. Carrying games is more of keeping an advantage than trying to gain one. Hence throwing happens all the time. If you believe yourself to be at a better elo, you need to work with the team more, carry with words, and figure out how you can be better. Win your lane, try to snowball your teammates (karthus does well at this) and KEEP your advantage. Some people will not listen, it is solo queue and it happens.

I know people say all the time "I do carry wards!" or "I do know how to ward!" or "I do work with my team!"...

...But in my case, I actually do. Normally I buy 2-3 wards every time I back. I often buy wards even as AD Carry, just to make it easier for my support to afford GP10 items, or so that in case they run out I can still remain farming. I farm like a beast no matter what lane I play. I have generally good map awareness. I keep buff timers in my head. IE - I know when Dragon/Baron/Blue/Red are going to be up based purely on experience from jungling as long as I have. I die very little.

I have pretty good map awareness from jungling, so I often ping other peoples lanes when I see enemy jungler or mid floating from one lane to the other. I communicate with my team proir to and during the match.

I am not the BEST player, in the sense that there are people out there who are mechanically much better than I am with certain champions. That said, on champions like Cho'gath, I land probably 85% of my Ruptures.

I may not carry every game in terms of kills or even KDR.. But being a good jungler I know how to carry by handing my team kills or by helping them win their lane.

Honestly, I think this "early season" has brought a lot of chaos to the lower-elo brackets and I will readily admit that I am not the type of player to carry through kills, as I don't normally play "snowballing" type characters. So, recently I have started playing more aggressive/snowball champions like Vayne in order to "carry" like I should be able to.

I'm saying all this stuff and asking these questions not only for my own benefit, and not to be argumentative with others.. I ask it for the benefit of the community. I don't think a lot of people in this community really understand what "carrying" means. They think it means getting a 10:1 KDR and single-handedly taking out the enemy team.

Anyway, gonna try to play some games tonight before heading to bed, and hopefully pick up a few more wins.

Thanks, IdleAltruism, for posting here for the entire community. I agree with about 90% of what you say, but I think higher Elo players such as yourself have a responsibility to be a little more clear and direct in helping lower Elo players, if that is, in fact, your intention.

Simply telling people, "You belong at your Elo, you should be able to carry harder." doesn't really help them.

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I'm sick and tired of people that have no skill at ranked, they join in ranked Que,feed,Afk,low Elo, or play new champs they haven't even played before...

Please Riot, take more look into that.

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I'm getting tired of losing ranked games because of my teammates... I usually win my lane and don't point fingers. me and my friends might as well quit soon. I really want a better team match up to even out the team so its fair. I need a guide that can help me through the so called "elo hell"... please!

W/e i give up... I admit i have bad games, but this is ridiculous i can't get a decent team that don't argue and have good teamwork. I just QUIT PEACE OUT.

Yes, your teammates will not do as well as you think they should, and you will have some bouts of bad luck. However, focusing on your teammates, will cause you to look away from the common denominator in all of your games: yourself. Forget your teammates and work around their faults, you can't improve them. All you can do is improve yourself and your overall viability in Ranked.

Also, I have very little pity for someone who has ten rune pages and for whatever reason is not using them. You obviously have champions that you are successful with, now how about you go use those rune pages for something other than a drawback? At this point in your career, you're going to run into a lot more people who do have better runes, and if you don't match that standard, you will put yourself at a disadvantage right off the bat. Why do I care about your rune pages? Because they might not appear to do much, but you don't realize how effective they are until you either add them back in or take them away. Go into five games without your runes and tell me how you feel. You don't need more champions, you need runes. Fix that and then come back here if you're still having trouble.

On a more conciliatory note, Silver 1 and Gold V are hard to get through. Everyone is stressed out because they want a promo series or want to win a promo series, so they're more likely to go off the edge. That's why they're playing badly, not just because they're bad. As long as you're not part of the problem and keep your head on, you'll be able to rise above it. It might not be as quick as you would like, but keep at it.

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i agree