Who are they ? - Karthus

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Many question why the great and dreadfull deathstringer joined the League . The question still remains among people.Well i know the truth .How, you may ask ? Well, i am one of the only survivors of Karthus assault over a small Ionian town . That creature destroyed my hometown,yet i don't why he attacked . After the assault i seeked to know everything about
Karthus. I have found some great information about this stange creature. Recently i have found a diary with the name "Albus K." witch states : "As i pledged into the swamps filled with corpses and resited the strange odor of the death i found some eyes staring at me with great ferocity . I got scared,but the creatures didn't attack me.Why ? Then i realized i was locked in the Howling Marsh,the place witch i seeked to study.I cannot escape and that is starting to drive me crazy ." Then there are a few blank pages after witch it states :
"I am slipping into madness.As the days pass i fell much more disconected from the world. I also have great seizures and i think my flesh is starting to tear away.The only thin that keeps me sane is the music book that i have with me.Music has always been my favorite.Yet even that states to become futile.I am afraid i might become one of them....." That is the last page.
However,i have also found a very old and used paper witch states : " This world has become mine. Why would i seek to return ? The creature obey me and i have unlocked great arcane powers. I shall not leave this place.... as i am the new king of the Howling Marsh !" After this statments i think i know why Karthus has joined the League: He seeks infinite power and control,so he joined in order to see what he is against...and soon caprure the League from inside ! What a horrible though !

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That lore doesn't apply anymore. He had a lore rework.