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League Judgement: Kha Zix

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The void creature was last seen in the Kumungu Jungles of Valoran, the creature like Cho Gath and Kog Maw is a void creature. A closer appearance shows that the creature is "born" from the same breed as Kog Maw's "subspecies". From our limited knowledge, such creatures have primal instincts of an insatiable hunger that they willingly follow as each being consumed by them allows them to assume a greater form...Kha Zix is seen in a much more advanced state than Kog Maw who can be compared to larvae.


The creature was seen continuously hunting for food, upon noticing a family of lizardmen, the creature waits for it's strongest creature to leave the group. The Voidreaver's blades glow similar to that of the creatures of the void...within a notice Kha Zix ripped apart the lizard in half and ate the being whole. Satiated, he was ready to hunt for more food...

The creature's hunt was interrupted when he felt the presence of stronger prey around him. As his senses turned sharp from noticing several traps being sprung, wings burst out behind his back to evade the barrage of poisonous spears hurled at him. There he spots his prey...but within moment, his adversary pounced at him. Tackling him to the ground and slashing at the creature. Kha Zix struggled with his opponent, the rush of the hunt was nothing like his previous victims. This one was willing to give his life to bring his trophy in, the Voidreaver out of desperation ripped his back, revealing a set of spikes which struck his victim in the eyes. The creature scream in a mixture of pain and fury which in turn ripped apart his blades...as blood dripped on the floor, he limped away from his opponent, both too wounded to continue their hunt.

That was when it turned to the summoner watching him...

"Cho Gath has spoke of people like you...Summoners...strong in mind but feeble in body. Your fleshy forms will serve little as nourishment. But I can seek something else from you...the location of my prey."

The creature tossed a necklace on the ground, adorned with the bone of many creatures slain by his opponent...

"In exchange for finding my quarry, I will join the so called "League". After all they are the "best" this world has to offer and they will aid me in my evolution...and finishing my hunt for him"

The Summoner accepted his offer, the creature was like Cho Gath, both were too power for the League to contain...

The creature soon vanished into ether...our summoners was unable to track him as his continued his hunt.