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Ilya, the Anti-Carry.

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the freljord is a harsh wasteland, hospitable to only to the few tribes who dare brave it's climate for it's scant rescources. Ilyas father and mother were both low ranking worriors in her tribe, and were slain by tryndamere and ashe respectively when she was a young girl. since then, she developed an intense hatred for carries that compelled her to train herself to become the most fearsome anti-carry the world had ever seen. upon reaching adult hood, she left her barbarian tribe in search for as many glass cannon worriors she could find and kill them all. her addiction to killing carries led her to the doors of the league of leagends, where she could kill both the murderers of her parents over and over again.

an epic barbarian woman weilding a hextech chainsaw sword.


hatred of carries: (innate pasive)
right clicking on enemies within a range of 650 distance units infects them with ilyas hatred of carries. this debuff causes 15% of their total damage dealt to be reflected back to them as true damage. ilya gets healed for the damage dealt by this ability. only 1 unit can be affected by this debuff at a time.

D:< kill the carry! (Q)
illya dashes towards the enemy affected by her hatred of carries, dealing base damage that increases with rank plus her attack damage and applying on hit effects. the cooldown for this ability is reset by 1% for each percent of the targets current health it takes.

you !@#$%ing carry! I"LL KILL YOU!!! (W)
ilya drives her chainsaw into a target enemy, charging forward and carrying all enemies she hits with her. if she hits terrain with this ability, all enemies hit take extra damage and are stunned. (think of this as an aoe poppies heroic charge that can only be cast against a target at melee range)

die carry DIE!!!@#$%^&* (E)
when ilya casts this ability at a target location and at least 1 enemy would be hit by the ability she instantly blinks to that location and deals damage to surrounding enemies. the damage dealt by this ability scales on 0.6 of her attack damage and a sign function which multiplies her damage based on her orientation in relition to the direction her enemy is facing. this skill deals the maximum damage 1.2 of her attack damage when she hits her opponent directly from behind with it.

the carry shall die!!! (R)
using powerful anti-carry summoning magic, ilya teleports herself and a target enemy to a giant circular battle arena where they are to fight to the death! the arena is circular and has four terrain obstacles in it. the arena is situated in the sky and either opponent can push the other off the edge with a knockback ability. being pushed off the edge will result in instant death.