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[Game][Critical] Smartcasting on Malady Causes Bugsplat

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Okay. An update on this. While the game no longer crashes after the latest PBE maintenance that was done today, the game doesn't make a particular sound when trying to use the item. For example, when someone presses one and there's no item on the number one item slot, the game makes a particular sound and nothing happens. The same sound also occurs when the item has no active, boots, Malady, the daggers, anything without an active. All of the items that don't have an active will make this sound, which is normal, but when attempting to do the same with Malady, the game acts as if you never pressed it, which is inconsistent with the rest of the active-lacking items that make a sound when you try to use them. Was this intentional? Or did Riot just push a fix that'll stop the game from crashing instead of actually fixing the item?