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Mark- the marksman (sniper/scout) the most fun champion riot can make

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Champion has 10 cool slots, and gains heat each time an ability is used.

Upon 10 heat, he gains 65% movement speed and will not be able to use
his abilities until he loses a heat slot.
Champion can only reduce heat after exhausting all 10 cool slots and by
standing in the shrub, where he gains camouflage (invis) (can be affected by aoe)

Heat is reduced at 2 slot per second.
Champion will lose camouflage upon
1: Moving or using his abilities.
2: Loses all heat (5 seconds).
Next attack is increased. By 100%

Q: Sure Shot.
If an enemy is targeted it deals 75 damage
If target is marked with Mark (R) the range of true shot is significantly increased and damage is increased by 300%

W: Mine.
fires a shot high in the air from is rifle that lands as a mine on a selected area on the map. This mine will explodes for a significant amount of damage in the area when triggered by hitting W a second time. This also makes the area visible for 5 seconds.

Mine has a 30s life span, Applies no slow effect.
Invisible to enemy players until triggered for 0.5 seconds before explosion . 0.5 s cast

If target is marked with Mark (R) a fighter jet will fly over firing a homing missile
on enemy giving significant damage to area and slowing all enemies in affected area.

E: tranquilizer
slows enemy by 75 % for 1.25 seconds.

If target is marked with Mark (R), upon triggering the enemy will be stunned for
1.5 s and reduce armor to 0 for 3s, and reduce accuracy by 90% for 4s

R: Mark
Significantly increase the effect of normal abilities.

short Lore feel free to expand:
Jayce was in the slum one day and discovered this intriguing teenager.
Has he noticed a thief taking off with a old ladies coin purse, he began to pursue the offender to exact justice.
But some one beat him to it.
A kid in torn clothing sat on a pile of rocks eating an apple, with apparent ease, tossed a rock at the thief without looking, hit him square in the back of his head.

Jayce was so amused, he immediately knew that this kid could better use some of his inventions he had trouble mastering...... dadida di daaa

I know.... my creative level is near 0 when it comes to story telling.