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Hear my idea riot/morello/ anyone

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Riot should not care about the concept i came up from, but im going to write it anyway because this is where my idea originated from. I loved playing ezreal when not many people were using him, people used graves, caitilyn and ashe at the time, then he became known as OP ADC and i lost interest and hated playing against him as well, so i was thinking if i had someone similar but different.
I looked into his Lore, he was a some kind of a genius (I aint too good with my english). Genius? well there must be other people trying their ass off, pfft and that moment reminded me of "mozart and salieri".

Someone Like Ezreal
But different
Lore: Try hard unlike Genius Ezreal

Nothing more needed for me to get my head around.

Now forget about the concept because thats what i needed to come up with this concept but
what i want to SHARE is the mechanics that i came up with from those ideas, and those ideas can be simply ignored, only mechanics are important.

Role: ADC
Melee or range: Range only
Energy source: Ki/Energy -------Like Leesin, Akali

I will call this champ K to help my explanation.

Passive: Whenever K succeeds on using a skill, K recives x amount of energy back.
maybe 20/30/40/50%

Q: K throws energyball at a target location (Like Ezreal's Q but a ball), if not hit by any enemy unit or champion, it follows nearest enemy unit for 3seconds. (Like a homing missile at a speed of Maokai's sapling) If there are no units presence in rage of the energyball, it will explode where it is.
(This energyball can be blocked by minion or ally champ like how you can block caitlyn's ulti)
When it follows an enemy, CHAMPION>MINIONS pref.

Dmg: 30/45/60//80 (+Extra physical dmg) (just an example)
* You can cast maximum of three balls 1/2/2/3/3 balls on leveling up.
Cooldown upon throwing a energball is 0.5 seconds.

Energy ball has self vision. (could be use to scout bush but only where it is placed not the bush itself)

W: unleashes heavey air compact air ball in a short range (first target hit and damages around that unit) unit his are pushed back, and slowed for x amount and gains movement speed back over time.
(if not hit on anything, no effect, it is not like a bomb, where it has to explode on target area)
*enemies that are hit by air ball by aoe, deals less damage and slowed for less amount and no knockback.

The best part of my champ mechanic i think is from This ability. Synergy with Q.

E: Passive: regenerates x engery/10sec e.g. 2/4/6/8
Active: (only able to active when Energy ball in present on field) K is able to take the place of the
energy ball. This can be casted on any of the energyball on field.
upon taking the place of energyball, that energyball is gone.

R; Gathers an large amount of energy, and K is able to throw TWO heavenly light spear (lol xD) which pierces through enemies. enemy hit by the light spear is damaged and is under the affect of light spear. If enemy is hit by both two spears, is locked in placed (stunned) for two seconds.
spear travels in high speed, and cooldown between each spear is 1 seconds.
(range of the light spear is bit longer than twitch's normal attack range plus R casted)