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[Champion Concept] Godrik, The Book Keeper

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Here is my champion concept for a Support/ap carry mage.

Lore: His parents death left him lonely, a young boy with no family or friends has not much to live for. Godrik believed that his only true friends were in the story books they had left him. His mind would race around with the knights and warriors of the old days and in his dreams it would be as if he were there with them fighting along side them with his magic powers! But Godrik didn't seem to have any magic powers or any special warriors or knight friends to battle evil with, all he had were his books and from his books came comfort. As a child the more Godrik would read his books the more his head would hurt him, but rarely did that stop him. When his head would hurt the worst would be the times he would have the best dreams. So he read and read and read more, staying for days at a time in libraries hiding out until the pain from his reading would make him pass out. Days past, months left him, and years flew, but the pain just got worse. He met a mage in his search of books who told Godrik he could cure his pain with magic and as the mage rest his hands upon Godrik's head a tornado of visions flew from him, but they were alive and moving. Godrik's mind would holding in his imagination and the wandering mage released his true potential. With his mind cleared and his pain subsided he began to travel the world in search of the most interesting books and by night he would practice his new abilities. He found that he could manipulate books and their stories to his will and use them however he pleased. Years passed and Godrik tried to mastered his craft, reading more and more and in an ancient tome he heard of a great library in a far off world. Its caretaker Nasus had been summoned to the League of Legends to do battle and against evil. He must join the Institute of war and learn from the Curator of the Sands if he was going to fully realize his powers.

Also he has a great sense of humor.

When i think of Godrik I see an old weathered wanderer, honestly I kinda think of Deckard Cain. Old and wise but full of power and interest. A shambled old man with books and scrolls about him but strength inside not many can truly see.

For his abilities his passive plays a large part in how effective he can be and how well he does his job.

Passive - Prologue
Every 5 seconds outside of combat Godrik summons a book to his side. He may have a maximum of 5 books around him. If Godrik has atleast 1 book present his spells will be more powerful, and be even more powerful at each successive book up to a max of 5.

Q - Grammatical Error
Whilst reading about the enemy Godrik notices an agreement error. As in he has a large book that will not agree with the enemies face very well.
Godrik sends a book flying at the enemy for x damage. For each book Godrik has from his passive an extra book will fly out damaging another enemy. If a minion is killed by a book (spell or passive) the book is returned to Godrik and not spent (max of 5 still). If Godrik kills a champion with a book his passive works twice as fast and in combat for 5 seconds. (the passive starts from the second the enemy dies)

W - The Loyal Sidekick
Every hero needs a loyal follower. To his allies Godrik has his books.
Godrik sends his books towards an allied champion (or himself) shielding them from damage for 4 seconds. If the shield is not broken within the time, then the books are returned to Godrik. If the shield is broken a single book attaches to the champion who broke the shield revealing and slowing them for 2 seconds. Each book increases the shields effectiveness by 5%.

E - The Frantic Chase
What good is a fantasy without a good chase?
Godrik takes the books he has summoned (or 1 if he doesnt have any) and spreads them among his allies (but keeping the first for himself always) increasing their movement speed for a short period. If an ally auto attacks while a book is attached to them that attack will deal additional damage and consume the book. Each book that isnt consumed after the duration goes back to Godrik.

Ultimate - The Resolution/The Climax(either would be cool)
Godrik has finished the enemies story and it doesn't end well for them.
A book closes over the head of the target champion dealing damage and revealing them for a short time. If Godrik has atleast 1 book active the spell will also slow the enemy by 20% per book and deal 5% more damage per book. If 5 books are present then the enemy will be stunned after the books are consumed.

Joke "I once read Mundo's autobiography. It was still a better love story than that garbage about the sparkling bat."

1) "I've read about this battle, for you, its a tragedy."
2) "I'll make your suffering a never ending story."
SUPER SPECIAL TAUNT* If fighting a lux then he should say "I'm about to send you on a reading rainbow." =D

1) "OOF!, I think I broke my spine, haha, get it? Cuz books....have...ok i'm done."
2) "Walk slowly, and read another chapter."

On death he should say "my...final...chapter...."

Prease comment and critique, I enjoyed thinking about different things for this guy and was wondering if anybody else liked the concept! Also make fun of my typing please (with corrections)

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