Weasley: UnderGround Stalker

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'May need work but i would love a champ like this

Passive: Mulch all abilities use mulch. Weasley regains mulch by being above ground and auto attacking

Q-Viscous Bite: Weasley's next basic attack deals bonus damage to its target and giving
vision on them for a short time

W- Dust Cloud: Weasley's throws dirt slowing and blinding enemy for a short duration and dealing a little amount of damage

E- Borrow: Weasley borrows gaining a amount of armor and magic resist. Gaining 25 health per 5 seconds. May stay underground for as long as he wants being target able.

R- : Weasley attacks from the ground dealing a substancesul amount of damage. if this kills the enemy weasley gains a permanent 50 health added to his health bar

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I think you mean "burrow", not "borrow". You should check out the "Dredger" champ that someone else suggested on this thread - search it.