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Penalty For Leaving Game

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It is utterly foolish to give players a 30 minute penalty when they dodge a game that hasn't started yet. If at champion selection it becomes abundantly clear that your solo/duo ranked teammates are trolling, and you must dodge the game or suffer 20 minutes of pointless feeding, why then, does Riot compound the trolling with a 30 minute ban?

This is idiotic. The bans should only occur for LEAVING a game that is already in progress. There is NO reason for instituting this 30 minute ban at champion select that outweighs the benefit of dodging games where spoiled brats insist on 1) duo midding 2) soloing top as Taric 3) Switching roles/stealing roles.

Come on Riot, stop making your game a Trollfest.

Yet another area where DOTA 2 gets it right, and you do not.