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New (Fan Made) Champion Lore: Midwig, the Spirit Handler

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Hello, all!

Here is my second fan made lore for today. You can view the first one, Shifter, The Glacial Torrent, here: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=31768353#post31768353

So, here is why this is here and not in champion concepts: I'm not proposing a new champion. Rather, I'm looking for feedback on the champions lore and tool tip clarity, from both the community and reds if possible. My life goal is to write for Riot Games in some regard, so I think this is a great first step.

Some things I'd like from you (if you're willing) and to to keep in mind:

1. For the lore, focus on if you liked it or not, was it engaging and interesting, etc.What did and did you not like, and why?

2. For the tool tips, don't focus on if the spell is UP/OP. I'm looking for feedback on clarity. Did you understand what the spell does? Why or why not?

Thanks guys. Without further ado, here is the second one I'll be posting today: Midwig, the Spirit Handler!

Midwig, the Spirit Handler – A female yordle possessed by the spirit of a great warrior. The warrior’s spirit is so powerful, it’s torso manifests over Midwig, creating an imposing presence. The spirit carries a massive two handed mace, and aids in all of Midwig’s abilities and attacks.

Lore – While it’s well documented that yordles thoroughly enjoy the company of others, Midwig was quite different. She always felt incomplete no matter how many friends she had around, and always carried a sense of insurmountable loneliness inside her.

It was during this time Midwig started to hear a sort of supernatural calling. It was weak at first; whispers in the wind, faint callings in the night. However, it quickly escalated into something Midwig could not ignore. Someone, or something, was calling out to her. Through this presence, she felt a pain and sadness similar to her own, so she left Bandle City in search of this lost soul.

Midwig was guided by the voice to a tomb inside of Mount Gargantuan, well hidden and long forgotten. Inside, the tomb was an empty sea of darkness, except for a single candle aflame on a mantel. Next to the candle was massive two-handed mace, pulsating softly with glowing energy. It beckoned Midwig to pick it up, the voice growing louder and more excited as she approached the mantle. When she touched the mace, the pulsating glow shot out into her chest, knocking her to the ground.

Midwig, slightly dazed, sat up, but felt different. She felt…a presence...a presence of a great and ancient warrior. Midwig quickly stood up to get the mace, and found that it had shrunk to a size fit for a yordle. When she grabbed hold of it, a towering, ghostly, fully armored torso erupted above Midwig. She looked up, and it looked down, and they both smiled.

“Hello…Midwig,” it said.

Role – CC Tank, similar to Leona or Nautilus.

Q – Sweeping Blow
W – Resolute Spirit
E – Leaping Smash
R – Ancestor’s Defense
Passive – Spiritual Empowerment

Q – Sweeping Blow – Midwig spins 360 degrees with the spirit’s mace. Any enemy champions caught in the spin suffer damage and are dazed, slowing their movement speed.

W – Resolute Spirit – Passive: Increase Midwig’s armor and magic resist. Midwig also stores a portion of the damage she receives for a damaging AOE spell. Active: Midwig unleashes the damage she has absorbed, damaging all enemies in a small radius and stunning them for a brief moment, but at the cost of the passive until the cooldown is finished.

E – Leaping Smash – Midwig leaps through the air and smashes the spirit’s warhammer to the ground, damaging and knocking up enemies.

R – Ancestor’s Defense – Midwig’s spirit summons down a wall of ancestors at a target location, creating an impenetrable wall. Midwig can activate the spell again to have the ancestors charge to her location, damaging and carrying enemy champions with them.

Passive – Spiritual Empowerment – Every fifth basic attack will automatically empower all of Midwigs basic spells, increasing the radius on Sweeping Blow, the stun duration on Resolute Spirit's active ability, and the range on Leaping Smash. Once one empowered ability is cast, the passive resets.

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A yordle playing tank? About time.
Yeah, I know that you said not to focus on their OPness but you can't ask for constructive criticism and then say we can't criticize something you yourself recognize as a problem.
The abilities you described for her are all powerful skills that belong on several champions independently, but none of them together.
For example, Leaping Smash, like Jax's Leap Strike and Xin Zhao's Audacious Charge are basically for jumping over an enemy team and on to a Carry that's hitting from behind their team's wall. This is a good skill for a bruiser because they can traditionally take on carries, but not on a tank. An especially OP factor of her jump is that it knocks them up. See, carries, especially AD carries are supposed to have escape mechanisms to flee these attacks. Ezreal has his teleport, Tristana has her Buster Shot, Vayne has her roll, Corki has Valkerie, ect. The hard cc of a knockup keeps them from using this ability and so is too powerful.
Ancestor's defense is like a combination of Anivia's wall and Gragas' ult, an obvious engage move which is necessary for tanks but I think it's too low risk compared to say, Amumu's and Malaphite's engage.
Really, her abilities give her way too much CC. A slow on her Q, a stun on her W, a knock-up on her E and a bump on her R. And her passive ability just adds effectiveness to them. Not even Blitzcrank has that many CCs and he's a legendary CCer.

Overall, abilities are easy to understand.

Gonna give some opinion now:
Really, I think amateur champ designers should make a point system for abilities. With different abilities having different values and all champions having approximately the same sum point scores. Jumps and AOE hard CC would to me, be pretty expensive, while attack speed buffs and survivability spells would be less expensive.

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I think this belongs in the Player Concepts Forum (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/forumdisplay.php?f=40)...