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New (Fan Made) Champion Lore: Shifter, The Glacial Torrent

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Hello, all!

I love writing, and I love League of Legends, so I decided to combine the two. My ultimate goal right now is to get feedback from the community (and possibly some reds) on my writing and creativity.

So, here is why this is here and not in champion concepts: I'm not proposing a new champion. Rather, I'm looking for feedback on the champions lore and tool tip clarity. My life goal is to write for Riot Games in some regard, so I think this is a great first step.

Some things I'd like from you (if you're willing) and to to keep in mind:

1. For the lore, focus on if you liked it or not, was it engaging and interesting, etc.What did and did you not like, and why?

2. For the tool tips, don't focus on if the spell is UP/OP. I'm looking for feedback on clarity. Did you understand what the spell does? Why or why not?

Thanks guys. Without further ado, here is the first one I'll be posting today: Shifter, the Glacial Torrent!

Overview: A melee shape shifter made of water and ice, Shifter maintains a humanoid form, but his appearance varies depending on the ability cast. Liquid Uppercut, for example, has shifter transforming into a pool of liquid, and he bursts from the ground with massive knives as hands after he moves a short distance (Think a combination of Glacius from Killer Instinct, and the T-1000 from Terminator 2). As a duelist he excels at one on one confrontations, and hunting down the squishy enemies in the back.

Lore – The land of Valoran is littered with campfire tales of monsters, magic, and menace, all meant to stir up the imagination of those willing to suspend their disbelief for a brief moment. As wild as these stories may be, some are rooted in truth. Such is the fable of The Outliers and their leader, Shifter, a story centered upon savage bandits that ravaged the land unchecked on the borders of the Freljord.

Two hundred years ago, The Outliers were a force of greed, terror, and mindless destruction, at least from the outside looking in. The Outliers, however, thoguht of themselves as survivors, where only the strong survived the Freljord. They roamed the northern parts of Valoran, starting out as a band of common vandals and thieves, eventually working their way up to raiding caravans and small villages. They took what they wanted and left little for anyone else, leaving families to suffer in the harsh northern conditions.

Shifter led the group on these violent excursions with reckless abandon, utilizing his two short swords to cut down all who opposed him. But as they say, there is always a bigger fish, and Shifter found this out the hardest way possible.

Coming upon a seemingly bland and unguarded caravan, Shifter accidentally led his bandits into a fierce battle with a group of warlocks. Had he know that magic would be involved, he would have steered away from the caravan, as Shifter’s group of butchers were not prepared to defend themselves against the arcane. The Outliers fought fiercely, but eventually the warlocks destroyed the group until Shifter was the last one alive.

After seeing his brothers in arms fall before him, Shifter went berserk attempting to cut down his adversaries. The warlocks had exhausted a large portion of their mana defeating Shifter's comrades, leaving them nearly defenseless for a moment. However, one young warlock was quick on his feet, and determined that Shifter was too dangerous to let roam the Freljord. He willingly fell upon Shifter’s blades, and as the blood melted the snow around him, the warlock activated an amulet around his neck and imprisoned them both in a coffin of ice and magic.

Two hundred years have passed since that story was first told, but no one ever thought it to be much more than a fairy tale. Rumors float from the mouths of many, however, that Shifter somehow escaped his prison, changed by the magic of the amulet, and driven mad by his imprisonment. They say he is no longer a man, but not quite a monster, that he is nearly shapeless when he moves, and he has blades for hands. Personal accounts cite him as made of ice and water and all things terrible. And so begins the new legend of Shifter.

Q – Liquid Uppercut
W – Circular Slash
E – Column of Blades
R – Impale
Passive – Extended Strike

Q – Liquid Uppercut – Shifter transforms into a pool of liquid and quickly moves to his target. He erupts from the ground when he get to his enemy and uppercuts them with a massive bladed hand, dealing damage and knocking them up.

W – Circular Slash – Shifter transforms both of his arms into blades and spins briefly in place, dealing AOE damage to any enemy around him in a small area.

E – Column of Blades – Shifter plants his hands into the ground, creating a cascade of blades made of ice that blast from the ground in a line for a short distance, damaging and slowing all enemies caught in their path. The damage decreases, but the slow increases, the farther the blades travel.

R – Impale – Shifter creates a massive blade out of one hand, and impales his victim upon it. The enemy is rendered helpless for a few moments while Shifter repeatedly strikes them with his other hand.

Passive – Extended Strike – Every 5th attack, Shifter extends his arms into long blades, dealing bonus damage to any enemy in it’s path.