[Major] rengar can use savagery 3 times in a row

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Priority: Major

Description: If cast quickly enough rengar is able to use savagery a third time after using empowered savagery and ordinary savagery, this third savagery deals bonus damage, adds a point of ferocity and gives the attack speed buff.

Repro steps:
1. Play as rengar
2. gain enough attack speed to cast savagery while empowered mode (if you don't have enough attack speed after hitting q to cast empowered savagery then savagery will go on cooldown before you can cast your third savagery) this can easily be done by leveling savagery up to 5 and buying berserkers greaves + a couple of stingers.
3. Cast ordinary savagery while you have a fourth point of ferocity, spam q quickly enough to cast a third savagery after casting empowered savagery.

Here is a link to a video of me using this exploit in a custom game: http://www.filebox.com/q0fkhvo1sljw