New issue, league of legends pop up

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Description of problem
I have played dozens of games without ever having issue, recently when I join a game, select my character, runes, etc. When the 1 minute timer ends and the screen disapears to begin loading, a small "league of legends' pop up appears. I have been freezing here for the last 6 games. Task manager can't close the frozen pop up, and I can't rejoin the game. Restarting the computer the issue happens all over again. I tried re-downloading LoL and the pop up is still freezing. I have also tried turning off my anti virus program and it still happens.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Logged into the Game Client
  2. Clicked on "Play Game."
  3. Joined a game called "game," hosted by "host"
  4. Was on a Team.
  5. Entered Champion Selection Page
  6. Selected Champion "cho'gath"
  7. Game Launch
  8. Game froze on league of legends pop up.
email is, any help would be appreciated.
edit: the exact wording is "League of Legends (TM) Beta Client is not responding
If i wait long enough (25minutes) for the game to load, the game ends, and I am brought to the end of game chat/stats page and it says "-100% xp for leaving" at this point the League of Legends pop up is still on the screen. I have also tried running the program as an administrator and to no avail.

Game does same thing for bot games, I have never had this issue for dozens of games in the past. Tried Re-installing, no avail, still does it.

please help =(

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i got the same problem... ='( yesterday it was all good... hmmm hey Topicstarter do you recently update an framework update from microsoft?