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What would you like to see included in the January sales event?

50% off boosts 995 5.4%
50% off rune pages 3102 16.82%
RP purchases get extra bonus RP (similar to September) 3340 18.11%
50% off skin super sale (10+ skins, including some never before on sale) 9854 53.44%
75% off skin retirement (retiring several older skins to the legacy vault) 7310 39.64%
50% off legacy skins (bringing back some retired skins not currently in the store) 8919 48.37%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters 18441 .

Player Choice January Sales Event

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Senior Member


When would be the next sales event riot

HMMMMM lets see..

JANUARY maybe??

f'cking necro

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The Batmobile

Junior Member


Sad!!!! I don't see zombie brand on the list noooo!!