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Evelynn being revealed erroneously

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I played my first match as Evelynn since the revamp today, and I noticed a problem. I am not sure if it is happening to players as well, but when playing against bots, I was revealed when I shouldn't have been.

I was standing in a bush, waiting for my lane partner to return. When Ashe Bot and Sona Bot walked passed the bush, the eye appeared over their heads and they immediately turned to attack me. Obviously there was no ward in the bush, and there were no minions in the bush either. They just turned and immediately started attacking.
It may just be a malfunction in the interaction of eve's stealth with bots, but I thought I would mention it.

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this bug was reported and should be fixed, sometimes when enemies walk into your detection circle (even if you were in bushes or behind a wall) you "flash" in their vision, you dont see it but you face appears in the minimap for a fraction of a second

bots, beeing able to react in that small fraction of a second, can take advantage of this, first days after the rework (before it went live) this bug could revel you even in the jungle, whenever you break your pasive

Some red (or wrenchmen) should revise this please if the bug is still happening, its a MAYOR drawback for jungle eve (maybe it shows less for AP eve, given that she looses less times invisibility)