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{Champion} Ral'lar: Reflection of the Void

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the idea is to make a crystalline void creature based heavily on reflective damage, good timing, and deception.

(numbers subject to change, and perhaps abilities too, suggestions welcome)

ad: weak
hp: above average
ap: very strong
difficulty: very hard

base stats-------------lvl 18 stats
hp 403 +86------------1951
hp5 4.7 +0.6----------15.5
mp 240 +60-----------1320
mp5 6.8 +0.65--------18.5
dmg 51.58 +3.5------114.58
as 0.579 +1.53%
armor 15 +3.8---------83.4
mr 30 +0----------------30
move 310
range 125

passive - whispers of the void: when enemy champions passes within 175 units of Ral'lar they hear the nightmares beneath its skin whispering bone chilling promises into the hearts of even the most seasoned warriors. In their brief panic, the opponents run ineffectually, slowing by 30% for .75 sec. this effect may only occur 1 time per enemy within 12 sec.

summery : enemies within 175 units of Ral'lar are slowed by 30% for .75 sec

Q - illusive image: creates a clone of Ral'lar that last for 8 sec. the clone spawns ontop of Ral'lar and ignores unit collision for 1.5 sec. it defaults to normal unit collision rules after 1.5 sec. to control the clone, reactivate the ability (acts as Shaco clone). leash range of (1125 units)
--the clone has the same stats as the real Ral'lar, however, upon being hit with magic damage, the clone
--automatically dies dealing 50/100/150/200/250 + (60% ap) ap damage to its destroyer.
----the clone also deals its damage to its slayer if the clone is killed with melee attacks. turrets take no retaliation
----damage, 50% reduced damage from the clone, and deal 10 times normal damage to the clone. if the clone is not
----destroyed, the full mana is refunded and the clone dissipates. cd 10 sec (unaffected by cd reduction) mana cost 120
----(Shaco clone and Fiora riposte as models)

summery : clone that deals retribution damage when destroyed. magic damage instantly destroys the clone. turrets do 10X normal damage, take 50% reduced melee damage and no retaliation damage from the clone. if the clone is not destroyed, the mana is refunded.

W - horrific reflections: all opponents facing Ral'lar (within 450 units) are feared for 1 sec and take 50/75/100/150/200 + (10% ap) in ap damage. opponents not facing Ral'lar are not effected (it does no damage and does not stun). cd 24/20/16/12/8 sec mana cost 75/80/85/90/100
(Cassiopeia and Tryndamere as models)

summery : all enemies facing Ral'lar are feared for 1 sec.

E - void mirror: creates a shield around target ally (within 800 units) for 1/1/1/2/2 sec blocking one single target spell and dealing 50/75/100/125/150 + (100% ap) in ap damage in retribution. cd 28/24/20/16/12 sec mana cost 70/80/90/100/110
(Sivir shield, Fiora riposte and any target ally shield as models)

summery : well timed spell shield that deals retribution damage

(R) ultimate - crystal barrage: creates a circle (diameter of 800) of crystal mirrors around target location (within 1000 diameter) for 3 sec, which launch 10 images, 2 sec after creation, across the center of the circle. if an image hits an opponent the image deals 25/50/75 + (20% ap) ap aoe damage to all opponents in the circle. cd 150/120/90 mana cost 150/175/200
(Jarvan ult and Corki big bomb as models)

summery : cage that launches images across the center. any image that hits an enemy deals damage to all enemies

dmg calculations:

early game: lvl 1 skill with 45 ap
q : 77 ap dmg
w : 55 ap dmg aoe with 1 sec fear
e : 95 ap dmg blocks a spell
r : min (1 hit) 34 ap | max (10 hit) 340 ap to all enclosed

late game: lvl 5 skill (lvl 3 ult) with 500 ap
q : 550 ap dmg
w : 300 ap dmg aoe with 1 sec fear
e : 650 ap dmg blocks a spell
r : min (1 hit) 175 | max (10 hit) 1750 ap to all enclosed

while it seems Ral'lar dishes out a lot of damage, most of the damage is dependent on the opponents actions and since Ral'lar gets a high return on ap, the player must balancing tank against mage keeping the ap level a bit lower while letting pros play Ral'lar on the edge to dish out more damage. the ult deals a crazy amount of damage but only if Ral'lar can trap multiple opponents. If the ult traps just one, odds are the opponent only gets hit by 1-2 images. on the other hand, if a team is trapped, then the odds are 7-10 images will hit, unless the team clumps up. Ral'lar also has high mana costs to make players choose to use everything at once and be done or use the abilities a bit more situation based in order to get more out of their mana. Note: Ral'lar is intentionally hard to play and requires skill and timing but even in less skilled hands can be a painful tank or an obnoxiousness dps.


champion selection:
lets show them just how frightening a reflection can be

trudge, trudge, trudge
(sigh) curse Malzahar and his floating

what armor can withstand crystal
I will show you true fear
you cant outrun your nightmares

you want me to tell a joke? how about i reflect on it and get back to you
have you looked in a mirror lately? here use me


that's 7 years bad luck.
oh give me a break (shatters)

i would show you the most horrific reflection yet, but i cant find my mirror

secret triggers:
hitting all 10 crystal barrage on 6 stacks Cho'gath - sorry brother but you are just to hard to miss
first laser from lux - ouch, for a second there i was seeing rainbows
first time fearing nocturne - im sorry Nocturne, did i give you nightmares?
when Kog'maw explodes on illusive image - i guess he couldn't stomach it
when Cho'gath noms illusive image - i think i gave him indigestion
when Nunu noms illusive image - (sigh) that yeti will eat anything
when Ral'lar uses void mirror to save its-self from Caitlyns ace in the hole -
hit me with your best shot ... oh you already did

As the void moves closer and closer to Runeterra, a reflection is cast across the fissure. The apparition seems to the observer to be a shimmering crystalline being that quickly solidify. On the other side of the fissure, the voidborn, Ral'lar, looks across at its reflection. As Ral'lar and the reflections mirrored crystal eyes lock, the world around Ral'lar blurs. The moment quickly passes and Ral'lar finds its-self still looking into the eyes of the reflection. Slowly, Ral'lar becomes aware something is not as it was before.

Tearing its eyes away, Ral'lar realizes the world around it is no longer the world it is used to. Ral'lar turns its back on the reflection, only to find a strange new creature sitting atop a fallen chunk of the ancient city of Icathia. The observer stares at Ral'lar, looking deep into the reflection of its crystalline body, and in it sees the full horrors of the void. Unflinchingly, the man stands, or seems to for a moment, for once standing Ral'lar realizes the pink creature thing, wrapped in some sort of discolored skin, is floats a few inches above the ground. Malzahar beckons for Ral'lar to follow and despite its misgivings, Ral'lar feels compelled to follow, as if the void is whispering to it once again, whispering sweet promises of things to come. So through the ancient decaying city of Icathia, across the Shurima and into the League of Legends, Malzahar leads Ral'lar.

"To look upon Ral'lar is to see your worst nightmares lurking, barely contained, beneath its crystalline skin" - Nocturne, said with barely contained glee

player tips:

playing as:
* Ral'lar is best out in front with the tanks, being close lets you fear all your opponents at once and makes its much easyer to get you clone in the way of things at point blank
* Try to taunt the opponents into poking at you by being a little too aggressive
* It is best to coordinate Crystal Barrage with another teammates stun making it easier to catch an opponent will all ten images

playing against:
* Ral'lar can deal a large amount of damage but only if you trigger its abilitys
* Ral'lar has high cool downs on everything but its clone and a high mana cost, try to make the opponent waist their ability and then strike
* Ral'lar's ultimate is particularly devastating in a team fight, try to stay spreed out and if you get caught, run to the same wall as everyone else

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Major Rework. I want opinions and comments and advice. Seriously, even if its to say that my idea is utter trash and needs to be thrown out.

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BUMP. someone say something

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Senior Member


i just comment for art concepts only XD cause im concept artist..hehe btw..nice champion concepts...

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I'm a big void fan. I'd have to say that I like the concept for the most part. Could you tell if the ult would be unpassable like jarvan's please. Also a quick drawing of the ult would be nice. Possibly with the missile size so I can understand exactly how this would work. I think it would be a fine addition to the void family.