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Solo queue tips?

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Since S3 started, i've been wanting to play ranked alot more then i have in S2. However, i personally don't have much solo queue experience, because in S2 i played in many premade normals, and only solo or duo queued about 30 games. So are there any tips that someone could give that would be helpful in solo queue ranked? I have played around 9 so far, and some games the people are great and other times the people argue from the lobby and the game goes downhill. Also, is duo queuing with a friend one of the best ways to steadily raise Elo? Thanks

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1) duo queue is the best way to go. this is because you know the general skill level of the person you are queue with so its 1 less variable.

2) take the higher road. people will be babies last pick will call mid like 2 minutes after you called or something stupid like that..... in the end just let them because if you argue and fight in the lobby you are probally going to lose the game.

3) becasue of 2, you have to know how to decently play every role. sometimes you are forced to support, or jungle....it happens deal with it.

4) as a contradiction to 3, you should have 1-2 things you are really good at and try to play those. for example my best is adc or mid. i will try to be one of those first, if i can't then top->jungle->support in that order. however i do know how to play the other 3 roles decently.

5) communicate a lot. call mias. if you are going to gank ping and let them know. its a team game, so communicate.

6) the most important rule........always stay positive, and if you don;t have anything nice to say, keep it to yourself. if top suddenely gives up first blood, if mid didn;t call mia and kat roamed to your lane, if jungle hasn't ganked for you in a while, the worst thing you can do is talk trash to the guy. i can guarentee you that it will instantly make him play worse. you think he sucks now, talk trash and see how much worse he can get.

7) you will lose games, you will have feeders/unskilled, you will have people that leave, **** happens....that being said you don;t have to win every game. just keep playing.

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Hi! I totally understand where you're coming from, in fact, I haven't even played my placement matches.

Still, I offer a ton of epic Solo Q tips here:

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They've helped a lot of people already, maybe you're next!